Yesterday, Apple presented the beta version of its next version of the operating system that brings our iPhone or iPad to life: iOS 13.5. In this version there are several novelties that we will find again when the final version is released in the coming weeks.

Exhibition notification

iOS 13.5 will feature the new Exposure Notification API. Thanks to this API, the official applications of the health authorities will be able to report exposures to COVID-19, while respecting the privacy of users. As Apple explained during its last virtual press conference, this API, which We must activate voluntarily after installing an official app, it will manage all the data on the device itself without going through a central server.

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Only if a user is flagged as positive can they allow the API to share data with the app. These downloaded data are only random values ​​of the daily generation key and the intervals for generating proximity identifiers. The system is designed in such a way that it is impossible to link this data to a specific person, yet it is used to let other users know if they have had any contact with the user reported as positive.

Can enable or disable this API directly into the system. We will find the relevant parameters in Adjustments > confidentiality > Health > «Notifications d’exposition COVID-19».

Group FaceTime settings


When we make a group FaceTime call with multiple participants, the system should broadcast the pictures we see of our contacts. In order to have a more natural conversation, the system prioritizes that we see the person talking on time on the screen and that, moreover, we see them in a size larger than the others. With iOS 13.5, Apple offers the ability to disable this behavior. In Adjustments > Facetime > ” Talk “ we can ask the system that all the people in conversation are the same height on our screen and expand to who we decide just with a click or a touch.

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Mask detection system for Face ID

Face IDFace ID

Until now, when we wore a mask or outer garment covering part of the face, the facial identification system could be somewhat slow. The Face ID phone unlock attempt failed and was needed ride up so that after a second failure the keyboard appeared on which to enter our code.

Now with iOS 13.5 the Face ID system is able to identify that we are wearing a mask or warm clothes on our faces and Immediately display the code request while trying to identify. If Face ID receives enough information and recognizes us, it will unlock the device, otherwise there will be virtually no wait to enter our code.

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Instagram songs and stories


With iOS 13.5, it’s easier to share the music we listen to as Instagram Stories thanks to the new integration with Apple Music. While we’re playing a song we’ll just hit the share button and choose Instagram, the system will take care automatically create a story with the name of the album and the song, its cover art and an animated background ready to publish.

Other improvements and bug fixes


Like all updates, they also include several performance improvements and bug fixes. The most relevant include the correction of errors in the personal access point, connection errors with VPN and two errors in Mail.

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We don’t know the exact release date for this new update at this time, but due to indications Apple has given on the availability of the Exposure Notification API, it should be in mid-May.

Source: Appleinsider