One of the areas where Apple invests the most to improve its operating systems with each new major software update is in the privacy, paying particular attention to the data of users who can access the applications.

Many developers take the opportunity to introduce in their creations personalized advertising based on user research to show them advertisements could like them. This is something we see a lot, for example, on social networks like Facebook and Instagram.

One of the ways that Apple tries to block apps from tracking users is preventing them from using the unique device identifier (or IDFA) without explicitly asking for your permission in iOS 14, jeopardizing Facebook’s extended business model for personalizing advertising in third-party apps.

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Facebook says measures will cut iOS revenue by 50%

Facebook Ads

Facebook shared a statement commenting on the changes that the arrival of iOS 14 will bring to the personalized advertising industry, showing its unhappiness. And it is that the company of Mark Zuckerberg foresees a 50% drop in income on iOS.

In addition, the social network could be forced to stop the development of Audience network for iOS when you can’t analyze users of Apple mobile devices. However, as you comment Business intern, the core of advertising in your own apps will not be affected.

In a meeting with analysts on financial results, company executives discussed that Facebook has been a ‘lifeline’ for small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, and that preventing them from reaching users more directly with these types of ads will have “catastrophic” consequences for the economy.

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Facebook May Be “Forced” To End Audience Network Development For iOS With New Privacy Changes

And is the most affected will be small and medium-sized enterprises, car selon Facebook “We worked with over 19,000 developers and advertisers around the world in the year 2019, we paid billions of dollars. A lot of these small businesses depend on advertising to survive. ”

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The social network claims to be work on short and long term strategies and solutions to support marketers in the changes to come very soon with iOS 14.

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