iOS 14 will be released during the next WWDC on June 22. Despite this, 9to5Mac has already obtained certain information related to Safari in this new version of iOS. More precisely, it will bring a built-in translator and increased support for Apple Pencil, among other novelties still unknown.

An integrated and automatic translator in Safari for iOS 14

The translation feature will likely be available for each website individually, but users will also be able to use machine translation. Safari will detect the language to correctly translate the content. It is also possible to switch between original text and translated text without reloading the page.

Until now, a user who wanted to translate a web page had to go to specialized applications or services like Google Translate. However, the ability to translate default web pages and without using a third party with iOS 14 looks attractive. On the web, it is important to reduce steps or obstacles while browsing to increase visits and engagement. This characteristic would certainly go in this direction.

This translation function would also be extended to other applications of the system. Among them, the publication point to the App Store, where app descriptions and user scores would be translated into the user’s language.

As stated in 9to5Mac, all translations must be processed locally on the device using Neural Engine. Therefore, this characteristic could work without data connection or Wi-Fi (a point that could indicate the use of Siri completely offline). One limitation that follows is that only devices with an A11 processor would benefit from machine translation (iPhone 2017 and later).

A copy of iOS 14 that has been around for several months

iOS 14

On top of that, the post claims that the iPadOS 14 will offer better compatibility and integration with Apple Pencil in Safari. Apple pencil can be used for scroll, tactile links and content. As well as drawing and annotating both in Safari and other browsers.

This information comes from a copy of iOS 14 which has been circulating for several months. Various online posts have been produced with one, which is obviously would try an intermediate version to what we’ll see in the next WWDC. Therefore, not everything that is speculated is based on this to build can see the light.

in the the last months, we have seen the Gobi app for augmented reality codes, iOS 14 device compatibility, wallpaper changes, the new widgets and even a hidden image of the AirPods Studio. Some are minor changes, others are more significant.

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We’ll have to wait until the end of this month to find out which features have passed the cut, as well as some other news we haven’t seen yet. This WWDC will be special in many ways, including his way of celebrating. Due to pandemic containment measures, the company will be holding this event fully online.

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