iOS 16: The hidden features you may not know about.

It is already more than clear that the next update, iOS 16, will arrive this fall with an impactful and practical features for iPhone users. The new generation of the operating system has been seen as a source of all-important updates and features. Also included is the new variety of attractions that the customizable lock screen has.

Also highlight the other capable tools, although small, they should not go unnoticed, as they are really interesting and add too much play to the update. So, here are those features that you might not know about iOS 16.

iOS 16: The hidden features you may not know about

Hidden features in iOS 16

As iOS 16 presents well, the number of small adaptations of other functions or tools will be fully present in the update. Therefore, it is essential to review some “hidden” function, which more than hidden, could be that it simply does not enter your radar among all that iOS 16 will offer.

Safari tab docking

This is a remarkable function that Mac devices have had for a long time. However, this was not functional for iOS 15 users. On this occasion, the arrival of iOS 16 completely changes this possibility, since now you can anchor your favorite tabs. It should be noted that it works even if you want to use grouped tabs.

iOS 16: The hidden features you may not know about

Fusion for repeated contacts

It often happens that one of your contacts has to repeat their number to you on some occasion. Therefore, you often have to use a repeated contact card for the same person. In iOS 16 the merge option will allow you to remove your repeated contacts only with the Contacts app.

Delete duplicate photos

This will be possible from the Photos application, because right there you will be able to know if any photo has similarities with any other. In iOS 16, the app will give you the possibility to remove all those images that are left over from your storage. This type of photos will enter the “Duplicates” album, of course, it will only be in case there is a photo similar to another that the system detects.

iOS 16: The hidden features you may not know about

Copy and paste your edited photos

This function works on your photos, because on some occasion you have had to edit an image wanting that same configuration to pass to an entire album or a series of photos. In such a case, the update allows you to copy and paste the edit to some other photo, even keep modifying them in the next image.

Options regarding your AirPods

For iOS 16, priority is also given to such an essential accessory and part of you. AirPods will now have improved settings management, making it easier to manage. Now they will have an exclusive section of this accessory, located in the Settings app as soon as you decide to connect your AirPods.

iOS 16: The hidden features you may not know about

The system update also allows your headphones to have a relevant function: Personalized Spatial Audio. This addition will take the TrueDepth camera as a scanner for your ears, as well as all the related area, improving the listening experience with a totally personalized one.

Face ID in landscape mode

There will be some iPhone devices that integrate iOS 16 with Face ID in landscape or landscape mode. This will make it much easier for you to unlock your phone, especially when you can’t possibly hold it in the commonly used portrait orientation. Although note that it will only be possible for iPhone 13 and following models.

Codes to view your notes

In an effort to facilitate access to notes, it will no longer be completely necessary to use a specific password for a note. With iOS 16, practicality goes further, reaching notes simply with Face ID/Touch ID to enter it. This would be a really practical and safe move on the part of the company.

iOS 16: The hidden features you may not know about

Keyboard with haptic feedback

The keyboard will also be involved in this series of updates, granting adjustments in the iOS 16 version. Haptic feedback is now active when typing. This option will show users that they are actually pressing each key by ensuring vibrations when typing.

hidden and deleted photos

Data protection is a relevant section for update 16, therefore Face ID and Touch ID will be essential to always verify yourself. Authentication will be required to view your hidden or deleted photos. In case your access is not there, the albums will be blocked from external curious.


Currently there are many computers that do not let you access the Wi-Fi password to which you are connected at that moment. Now the tables are turned and in iPhone Wi-Fi settings it will be available for you to review whenever you want.

iOS 16: The hidden features you may not know about