It seems incredible that at this point we are already starting to talk about iOS 8 when we should be more concerned (especially Apple) about the stability problems of iOS 7. The latter will have a solution to many of its current ills in iOS 7.1, as the company itself has recognized.

But, as with the hardware (in Cupertino they are surely already testing prototypes of future iPads and iPhones), Apple is already working on the development of iOS 8. A new version that will incorporate new features, such as the measurement of certain parameters health and sports. This, by itself, would not be anything particularly groundbreaking or remarkable (there are already applications and accessories that control this information) if it were not for the fact that the system to measure this data is believed to be the famous iWatch.

iOS 8 could be integrated with the iWatch to measure our health

In other words, Apple would not launch a smart watch in the style of the Pebble or, fortunately, the Samsung Gear, but it would be a sensor to measure all these parameters and send them to the iPhone or iPad (although it makes more sense in the case of the phone). ). Of course, it could also tell the time.

As for iOS 8, it might include an app (called health book, according to some sources) to record the number of steps we take, the kilometers we walk, the calories we burn per day and even the weight we are losing. Nothing new (there are the bracelets up Jawbone or FitBit from Nike, among others), but, in this case, integrated into the operating system itself.

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The application would also be able to measure health parameters such as our heart rate, blood pressure, or hydration and blood glucose levels. It is said that it could even notify us when we have to take a pill in case of treatment (of course, it would be necessary for the user to enter this information into the system).

These new functions would be included, as we say, in an application with an interface similar to that of Passbook (currently available only for iPhone). However, as the same sources point out, it has not yet been decided that it will be part of the iOS 8 version. It will not be the first time that Apple tests features that it later removes from the version that reaches our devices.

What is true in all this? The rumor seems to have quite a foundation. Internal names are even given, such as the application name or the one Apple uses to refer to iOS 8 (okemo, a ski resort in Vermont). On the other hand, iOS 8 could bring fewer changes than iOS 7 at the interface level and focus on functional improvements. As for the iWatch, we don’t think the company will just release an accessory like the Pebble (despite its success). We are not saying that it will not be a watch (also) but not as a main feature. In any case, it is still a rumor. We hope that the coming months will serve to clear up doubts.

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Via: 9to5Mac | iWatch Concept (by Todd Hamilton)