The situation related to the coronavirus caused a significant decrease in global smartphone sales. Although we do not know the results from the second quarter of the year yet, the first one brings not very optimistic results. However, there is one producer who is not threatened by the pandemic.

At the present time, many people are struggling with financial problems, which makes buying a new smartphone postponed. The reduction in sales is usually huge, with one exception. Here, Apple shows that thanks to its established position, the manufacturer is not afraid of a pandemic, and there will always be a lot of people willing to buy a new iPhone. Therefore, the result of today’s ranking, presented by Omdia Research, should not come as a surprise.

The list shows the sales of the best-selling smartphones in the first quarter (January-March) of 2020. Without surprise, the iPhone 11 is at the top of the ranking, the success of which we have written many times. Not surprisingly, even despite the pandemic, it managed to achieve higher sales than its successor – the iPhone XR – during the same time, in a much quieter sales period. Apple has undoubtedly taken over the smartphone market so far thanks to the iPhone 11. However, the sales results in the second quarter may be more interesting thanks to the premiere of the 2nd generation of the iPhone SE.

The second place on the podium of the ranking is occupied by the Samsung Galaxy A51 – another example of an established position on the market. In our test, the smartphone did not perform very well in terms of software. Customers’ trust in mid-range Samsung is the most important here – customers may be interested in an interesting design or photographic possibilities. As a result, Samsung also showed that whatever it presents at the price of PLN 1000-1500, it will be a huge success.

The bronze medal was awarded to Redmi Note 8 from Xiaomi, which was sold in Poland under the name Redmi Note 8T. The Chinese brand Xiaomi is growing in strength, and its main group of satisfied customers are owners of mid-range models. 8T showed that you can get a very good smartphone that will satisfy the average user, and at the same time it does not have to cost even PLN 1,000. Currently, offers with Mi Band 4 for free can be tempting – we will buy such a set for PLN 799. It’s hard for me to find a better idea for the average user who doesn’t want to exceed the price threshold of PLN 1,000.

It should be added that a separate ranking lists the sales of models with 5G connectivity on board. Samsung here managed to overtake Huawei – the most popular smartphone with 5G was the Samsung Galaxy S20 +. Its sales results, due to the very high price, place it only in 9th place in the overall ranking. For the sake of curiosity, the flagship Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra was ranked fifth in the 5G smartphone ranking.

Sales of smartphones in the first quarter of 2020 did not bring too many interesting changes.