The company Omdia has carried out a study from which it draws estimates that bode very well for Apple: according to the report of this study The iPhone 11 was the best-selling terminal in the world in the first half of 2020. More than approximately 37.7 million units are said to have been shipped.

In second and third place are the Samsung Galaxy A51 and Xiaomi Redmi Note 8, with 11.4 million and 11 million units respectively delivered. The iPhone 11 would therefore have had a lot of ground gain. And not only that: Of the ten best-selling smartphone models, five are iPhone models.

The iPhone SE also has its success

Iphone Se

Besides the iPhone 11 in first position, we have the iPhone SE in fifth, iPhone XR in sixth, iPhone 11 Pro Max in seventh, and iPhone 11 Pro in tenth. If we add the numbers of all these models, it gives us a total estimate of 68.8 million iPhone units sold during this last semester.

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The same study from last year placed the iPhone XR in number one with 26.9 million units sold, so the improvement in sales is clearly appreciated even with the COVID-19 virus pandemic that has hit. from March to today. around the globe. In 2019, three iPhones were in the top ten best-selling smartphone list (the XR, XS Max, and 8) with an estimated total of 46.8 million units sold.

IPhone SE hits target: CIRP estimates it reaches 19% of all iPhones sold

These are estimated numbers from a company outside of Apple, but they should guide us as to what we’ll see in the financial results for the fiscal quarter that ends in September (we should see them at the end of October). For Apple, this is good news: IPhone division shows no signs of weakness while the services and accessories divisions continue to grow.

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