The rumors of the topic of the moment do not stop, we are referring to the battery of the next iPhone 12. In this post we will show you the probable capacities of the four models that Apple intends to present next September. From the outset, we can report that the 20W adapter has reappeared, which presumably will not come in the box of the next Cupertino flagship device.

New batteries for the iPhone 12, not what we expected

Records regarding batteries and adapters have appeared on UL Demko, Safety Korea and 3C certification platforms. Two new charging adapters were also presented, specifically one of 5W and another of 20W. The latter has a model code A2305. Would Apple go from 18W to 20W? A small jump in fast charging.

Regarding battery capacities, the following models have been registered: A2471, A2431 and A2466. Three batteries? Yes, the A2431 model will belong to the 6.1-inch iPhone in its two versions that are presumed to be the Max and Pro version.

  • 2227 mAh capacity (A2471) for the input iPhone 12 – 5.4 inches.
  • 2775 mAh (A2431) are considered in an intermediate Max version – 6.1 inches.
  • They repeat the 2775 mAh (A2431) for a premium device, the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Pro.
  • Finally, 3687 mAh (A2466) for the largest, the 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The recoiling battery (again)

The iPhone 12 will have an incredible drop in battery compared to the iPhone 11 (3110 mAh). The justification could be that it will be a smaller size compared to 6.1 inches, although it will be an all-screen iPhone. The Pro version will also have a drop in capacity, its previous model (iPhone 11 Pro) has 3190 mAh. The only iPhone that will have a higher capacity compared to the previous generation (iPhone 11 Pro Max of 3500 mAh) will be the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

In this opinion article you will be able to appreciate a historical graph of the battery capacities in the iPhone, from the original to the iPhone 11 and second generation iPhone SE. If these future capabilities come to fruition we will (again) see a setback in the iPhone’s battery life. What does it cost them to add more battery capacity? If you see the article, please tell us what a bigger battery would mean in your day to day.

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The iPhone 12 would release a new battery adapter (or not)

Since Ming-Chi Kuo’s rumor that Apple would no longer include the charging adapter in the iPhone box, a wave of opinions has been unleashed on social media. To the point where the apple brand was discredited for making drastic moves that affect users. Personally, it seems to me that they would only affect new users.

Anyway, two new charging adapter records have also been leaked. One of 5W (which already exists) with the A1443 model. One that is new, 20W model A2244. Apple would be progressing to faster charging, although it lags far behind its close competitors.

It has been believed that Apple wants to keep its iPhone batteries in good condition. That is why they have not included a fast charging adapter, they sell it separately and in my opinion it seems to me that this adapter will not come in the box. If they include it, it will be the usual 5W.

What do you think of this note? Will Apple continue to offer batteries with limited capacity? Leave us your opinions in the comment box.