iPhone 12: no charger, no headphones and… more expensive?.

A few months ago there was a very important news about the new iPhone 12 that caused a lot of controversy, the new models of this year would arrive no charger and no headphones in the box. It is a rumor that has been confirmed by various sources and that now a new report from TrendForce once again refutes this theory. The reasons remain the same, 5G technology raises the cost of the new iPhones and to try to reduce the final price Apple is removing these accessories from the box.

In addition to this, Apple has already been preparing the ground with an environmental report with which they hope reduce carbon emissions to 0 in a very few years, so removing these accessories would help meet this challenge, it is probably the excuse they use during the presentation. However, despite the removal of these accessories, according to TrendForce the price could rise slightly.

Will the iPhone 12 be more expensive?

We have had intense rumors for a few days, with very important leaks, but none of them have told us about exact prices. Up to now we expected prices identical to those of the iPhone 11 range, but perhaps not Finally. TrendForce in its analysis has given a starting price range for each iPhone 12 model:

iPhone 12: no charger, no headphones and… more expensive?
  • iPhone 12: starting price between $ 699 and $ 749.
  • iPhone 12 Max: Starting price between $ 799 and $ 849.
  • iPhone 12 Pro: Starting price between $ 1,049 and $ 1,099.
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max: Starting price between $ 1,149 and $ 1,199.

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If we compare these prices with those of the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro right now, there is a considerable increase. The iPhone 11 starts at $ 699 and its replacement, which we remember would be the iPhone 12 Max, will start at 799 or 849 according to this study. In the Pro models we would see a similar increase, between 50 and 100 dollars. And it must be borne in mind that in other markets the price rises due to taxes, so we could find in our country with prices like the following:

iPhone 12: no charger, no headphones and… more expensive?
  • iPhone 12: starting price between 809 and 859 euros.
  • iPhone 12 Max: starting price between 909 and 959 euros.
  • iPhone 12 Pro: starting price between 1,209 and 1,249 euros.
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max: starting price between 1,309 and 1,349 euros.

Of course it is not official information far from it, it is simply an analysis and some expectations, others think differently. Ming-Chi Kuo reported a few weeks ago that 5G components could cost Apple more than $ 100 per device, however assured that the company does not want to pass on this over cost to users. We will see what ends up happening, but it is clear that a rise in prices will make it very difficult for these iPhones to have great sales, especially in the current situation we are experiencing.

It is expected that Apple present the new iPhone 12 throughout the month of SeptemberAlthough these would not be released until October, and not all models would arrive at once. A circumstance that is due to the current global situation, although we hope that the delays are not too excessive.

iPhone 12: no charger, no headphones and… more expensive?