Ming-Chi Kuo, one of the most trusted analysts on all things Apple, just reissued a note revealing new information about the company’s iPhones. Kuo has lots of information about Apple’s component supply chain, which lets you know what’s new before they hit devices, as well as what the next devices Apple will launch in the market.

In a new report today, TF Securitiess analyst details Apple’s plans with iPhone cameras, revealing a significant change in suppliers. Kuo reports that Semco and Sunny Optical, the “best” Korean and Chinese lens suppliers, will join the iPhone supply chain later this year.

« We anticipate that Semco, the best Korean lens supplier, and Sunny Optical, the best Chinese lens supplier, will enter Apple’s lens supply chain in 2H20 and 2021 respectively. New suppliers are said to be hurting revenue. from Genius Electronic Optical, which currently supplies the lenses to Apple.«

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These new glasses will significantly improve the quality of the iPhone 12 camera, in particular the autofocus system. But that’s not all, the iPhone of the next few years will also benefit from this new agreement and Semco will provide a significant percentage of New “Apple Periscope telephoto lenses for the 2022 iPhone”.

The periscope camera arrives on iPhone in 2022

Periscope cameras are already available on some competing smartphones and, although visually they are very similar to current cameras, allow us to have different optical magnifications and zoom up to 10x. While it is true that these sensors take up a lot of space and require the use of large rear camera modules.

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periscope camera

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The image above shows the design of a periscope camera patented by Apple. The company describes it as a “bent telephoto lens system” and it was awarded in 2016. Normally, to get this pair-optic camera zoom, it has to protrude from the body, as it does with traditional camera lenses. But on smartphones this is not possible, so the lenses are inside the body of the device itself. at a 90 degree angle Regarding the photo we are going to take, use a mirror to reflect the image on the sensor. It’s a very ingenious idea that allows us to integrate this technology into such thin and light devices.

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This year, everything indicates that the iPhone 12 Pro will have 4 cameras, addition of a LiDAR sensor to the trio that we already have available on the iPhone 11 Pro. This year’s telephoto lens should allow us a bigger zoom, but we won’t reach the levels that a periscope camera like this can offer. Although to see them on an iPhone it looks like we’ll have to wait until 2022. Probably then this technology may be smaller to include on the iPhone yes. affect the design too much.

Source : Techradar