According to many rankings, the richest company in the world is undoubtedly Apple. The manufacturer has now achieved an established position on the market and this will certainly not change in the near future. Earnings of the company from Cupertino do not come out of nowhere – one of the main success factors is customer loyalty to the brand.

Apple products have always stood out on the technological market – the special feature of most of them is, above all, their proprietary operating system. In the case of iPhones – the company’s most profitable product – iOS ensures consistency and an aesthetic interface, and good optimization or high comfort of use made the majority of users permanent users of smartphones from Apple.

One of the key reasons for the company’s profit is, of course, high margins and the ubiquitous “spend as much as possible” policy. The greed of the company knows no bounds and we have seen it many times – an example here will be the iPhone Xs Max, sold on the day of its premiere for about PLN 5,500, which included a power supply worthy of a smartphone for no more than PLN 500. One could say that since Apple released a “cheap” iPhone this year, those times are behind us. Nothing could be more wrong – you have to make up for losses somewhere.

The latest series of iPhone 12, which will be presented in September, currently hides few secrets. The saddest information so far was the alleged lack of EarPods in the set. The latest news, coming from a well-known and reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, reports that the manufacturer intends to abandon the addition of … a charger to the set. Apple plans to withdraw the existing 5W and 18W chargers from production, replacing them with a new 20W adapter. With this step, all previous iPhones from the latest production, which until now included older adapters, would be deprived of them, and the charger must be to buy separately. But is this step even possible?

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the manufacturer from Cupertino plans to make up for the costs associated with equipping the new iPhones with the 5G module. So far, it is known that the prices of the new iPhones with the note “Pro” are to remain unchanged. Therefore, it is possible that the latest iPhones in the box will only receive a charging cable or – as claimed by Barclays – a USB-C to Lightning adapter.

So, is it possible to remove the charger from the kit that comes with the latest iPhones? I regret to say, given Apple’s greed, that it is possible. This is, of course, nasty greed on the part of the manufacturer – paying over PLN 5,000 for a smartphone, we should not experience any savings, especially in a smartphone that wants to be considered the most luxurious. However, I believe that the issue of stopping the charger from being attached to older models is impossible. Assuming the discontinuation of the production of 5 W and 18 W adapters, new owners, e.g. iPhone SE, would not be able to buy a suitable charger from Apple – after all, the iPhone SE (2020) only supports 18 W charging. Customers would have to buy a charger from another manufacturer, and Apple does not want that. So in my opinion, the rest of the smartphones are safe, and the embarrassingly slow 5W charger will still be included with most iPhones.

The iPhone 12 series may turn out to be revolutionary in many ways – just as Apple once caused the death of the MiniJack input, it may soon start a trend to remove the charger from the set. It remains to be hoped that this unpleasant scenario will not come to fruition.