The arrival of the new iPhone SE 2020 has meant another nut from Apple. It is a device that aims to recall the good feelings left by the original iPhone SE, and later, pour iPhone XR 2018. Without a doubt, two great workhorses with which Californians have managed to attract the public.

It might seem like a good idea to get an iPhone 7 now, device of the year 2016 and with 32GB of memory you can buy for very little money if you want. It was a very competitive phone, with a good invoice and which made a lot of talk 4 years ago, seems like an eternity to me, right? You might think you have one, Buying an iPhone 7 in 2020 can be a good option. Or not?

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IPhone 7: it’s true

This device was the first in which Apple integrated the Protection IP67 as a protective measure against water and dust. Its 4.7-inch screen, similar to the iPhone SE 2020, attracts a lot of users who hate such large panels. Weighing 138 grams, its rounded shapes allow a pleasant touch and an adequate grip. The colors in which it is available are gold, silver, rose gold, matte black and the popular jet black or shiny black, one of the most beautiful that has been decided. leave the Cupertino factory. However, without a good blanket, he stung just looking at him.

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As the brain, iPhone 7 has the A10 Fusion, quad-core chip, two of them high performance and two of them high efficiency. A new twist compared to the one that mounted the previous edition and that allowed a smooth movement of the operating system, which with its 2 GB of RAM offers more than optimal performance. Its IPS screen offers a resolution of 1334 × 750 and the 3D Touch allows you to interact with it in a different way. The iPhone 7 was the worthy predecessor of the iPhone 8, of which almost nothing was left in terms of design and performance.

The iPhone 7 camera also reaches commendable heights and the video is capable of recording in 4K at 30 fps. Apple has always excelled in the quality of its video format, and this phone is proof of that. Now alright What’s better in mid-2020? Bet on a round phone like the iPhone 7 or give a good account of the iPhone SE 2020?

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Our advice is …

In the absence of always having the new Californians launch in our hands, we can say that it is much better to bet on it than on the iPhone 7. Not because the latter is a bad device, which it is not. is not at all but because we are in Havana a technology almost 4 years later. For starters, the chip that mounts Apple’s new version is no less than the A13 Bionic, the best you can find on the market right now. It has 3 GB of RAM, 1 more than the iPhone 7, a much improved camera and basic storage from 64 Go to 256 Go. If we talk about price, the new iPhone SE 2020 starts from € 489, so by paying more you have a more advanced, faster and better phone.

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This device, launched in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. It intends to stand up to much of Android’s mid-range, and there’s no doubt that it’s already a very competitive device and wants to go to war. Reservations were opened last Friday, and first-time buyers will be able to enjoy them at home from the 24th. It remains to be seen how he behaves on a daily basis.


If you have decided to change your phone, we advise you to wait a few days, during which we can see the first opinions on the performance of this new device, then decide and value its purchase. An iPhone 7 can be a good option now as a phone to give a teenager a first device, or whatever a secondary terminal for other types of needs. Is this a good option in 2020? In these cases, there is no doubt. Better to wait and bet on iPhone SE 2020? It is clear that this is the case.

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Source: Techradar