One more week we come back with the Hunting Bargains of Applesfera section, the space that is published every Friday and in which we collect the best deals on Apple products and devices, whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac or accessories. Let’s start!

IPhone Deals

  • iPhone SE (2020): we started the iPhone offers with the iPhone SE (2020), the latest Apple smartphones launched on the market in small format, 4.7 « Retina IPS LCD screen, 3 GB of RAM and 12 MP main camera. A model suitable for users who want to operate their smart mobile phone easily with one hand. The 64 GB version is super discounted on eBay, with delivery from Spain, 2 year warranty and invoice to 489 euros 409,99 euros.

Today on Amazon for € 484.90 RRP at Macnificos for € 479.00

  • iPhone 11 Pro Max: If the 4.7 “is too small for us because we consume a lot of multimedia content from the mobile, the iPhone 11 Pro Max has a Large 6.5  » Super Retina XDR OLED display, compatible with HDR, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos sound, and integrates the very powerful Apple A13 Bionic processor with Neural Engine and 4 GB of RAM. In addition, it also stands out with its 12 MP triple rear camera. The 64 GB version is more than 200 euros cheaper on TuImeiLibre with delivery from Spain and a 2-year warranty: 1 259 euros 1029 euros.

Today on Amazon for € 1159.00 RRP at Macnificos for € 1159.00

  • iPhone 11 Pro: If the 6.5 ″ of the iPhone 11 Pro Max is too much, but we like the rest of its features, we can choose the iPhone 11 Pro, with 5.8 g Super Retina XDR OLED Screen of which we have the 256 GB version on eBay with fast delivery from Spain and a 2 year warranty for 1 329 euros 1 079 euros.

Today on Ebay for € 1079.00 PV at Macnificos for € 1229.00

  • iPhone 11: An option with the same wattage as the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, but cheaper, is the iPhone 11, which includes a 6.1  » IPS Liquid Retina LCD display, the same processor and the same amount of RAM memory as the two models mentioned above, and a 12 MP main dual camera (wide angle and ultra wide angle). 64 GB we have it in TuImeiLibre much cheaper for 809 euros 679 euros.

Today on Ebay for € 703.99 RRP at Macnificos for € 785.00

  • iPhone XS: We are ending the Apple terminal offering with the iPhone XS, one of the top-of-the-range models of the company’s latest generation of smartphones. He has a 5.8 «Super Retina OLED screen, Apple A12 Bionic processor with Neural Engine, 4 GB of RAM and 12 MP dual main camera (wide angle and telephoto). Despite its relative age, it is a very competent and interesting team priced at 589 euros, which is the one in TuImeiLibre.

Today on Ebay for € 949.00

Offres Apple Watch

iPhone SE lowered to 409.99 euros, MacBook Air (2020) to 931.99 euros and more: Hunting bargains

  • Apple Watch série 3: If you’ve never had a smartwatch, want to try one out, and don’t feel like spending a lot of money, the Apple Watch Series 3 is a good option to start. This is waterproof up to 50 meters, it has GPS and will be compatible with watchOS 7, the next big update to the operating system for these devices. The 42mm version is downgraded on Amazon to 259 euros 239 euros.

Macnificos retail price for € 259.00

  • Apple Watch série 5– Apple’s latest smartwatch model, the Apple Watch Series 5, is also discounted on eBay with a 2-year warranty and an invoice to 449 euros 368.99 euros for the 40 mm GPS version. Some of its novelties are the compass, always-on display or 32 GB of internal storage.

Today on Amazon for € 448.00

IPad Deals

  • 10.2-inch iPad (2019): Are you looking for a new balanced tablet not too expensive and with good performance? The iPad (2019) is a very interesting option with 10.2 « Retina IPS LCD screen and 3 GB of RAM. Being compatible with Apple Pencils and Smart Keyboard case, it can turn into a kind of mini computer. With 128GB of internal storage, it comes in handy for office tasks, basic high-quality 4K video editing, game entertainment, and media consumption. It’s on eBay with a two year warranty and a very low bill: 479 euros 391,99 euros.

Today on Amazon for € 478.99 RRP at Macnificos for € 469.00

  • iPad mini (2019)– If you prefer a smaller tablet that is easy to carry around and primarily intended for reading or gaming, the 256GB iPad mini (2019) is on eBay reduced to 619 euros 454.99 euros. Its content format, 7.9 « Retina IPS LCD screen, The Apple A12 Bionic processor with Neural Engine and 3 GB of RAM make this device one of the most balanced and complete in its sector.

Today on Amazon for € 605.09

* ** iPad Air (2019) **: We finished the tablets with the iPad Air (2019), a device with ** 10.5-inch Retina IPS LCD display **, Apple A12 Bionic processor with Neural Engine, 3 GB of RAM and compatibility with Apple Pencil and the cover keyboard of the Smart Keyboard to make it a « mini-computer ». On eBay, with shipping from Spain and 64 GB of RAM are reduced to 549 euros (

Today on Amazon for € 513.83 PV at Macnificos for € 469.00

Mac Deals

iPhone SE lowered to 409.99 euros, MacBook Air (2020) to 931.99 euros and more: Hunting bargains

  • MacBook Air (2020): Apple’s ultra-light ultrabook was updated a few months ago with tenth generation Intel Core processors, as well as internal storage in the base versions and incorporated the Magic keyboard for a better writing experience. It’s much cheaper on eBay with delivery from Spain and a two-year warranty for 1 199 euros 931,99 euros.

Recommended price at Macnificos for € 1,099.00 Today on Amazon for € 1,095.50

Accessories offers

  • AirPods Pro: Apple’s latest fully wireless Bluetooth headphones have active noise cancellation, water resistance and ear pads to improve the fit over the ears. Its price is 279 euros, but in TuImeiLibre we have them for an incredible 199 euros.

Today on Ebay for € 219.99 Retail at Macnificos for € 220.00

  • Beats Studio3– With a headband and supraaural design, the Beats Studio3 also has active noise cancellation, they are comfortable and they have a great autonomy of up to 22 hours. They integrate the W1 chip, the same as the first AirPods. They are available on eBay with shipment from Spain by 349,95 euros 211,99 euros.

Today on Amazon for € 349.95

More offers?

iPhone SE lowered to 409.99 euros, MacBook Air (2020) to 931.99 euros and more: Hunting bargains

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