Just over a week ago, Apple introduced the iPhone SE and from tomorrow devices will start reaching users who booked it a few days ago. This device, which uses classic design but with Apple’s latest internal componentsIt is considered a bestseller thanks to its aggressive price.

One of the world’s most knowledgeable people in the world, according to Ming-Chi Kuo’s estimates, the new iPhone SE is selling very well, above what Apple expected. However, all is not good news for Apple, the global crisis we are going through due to COVID-19 is affecting iPhone sales which could be reduced by up to 30% this quarter.

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IPhone SE boots strong

The new iPhone SE, Apple’s cheap iPhone, is selling better than expected, according to a new research note from Ming-Chi Kuo, analyst at TF Securities. This is something that can also be seen by analyzing delivery times of the new device, already delayed by several weeks in the Apple Store, although in other stores like Amazon, it is still available with shorter shipments.

Kuo speculates that the large reception of the iPhone SE suggests that consumers are moving towards cheaper smartphones, something that could affect Apple and its future projects:

« The toughest COVID-19 challenge for smartphone brands is the negative impact on consumer confidence or purchasing power after the start of the pandemic, with consumers preferring to choose models with lower prices or specifications . high. or stop buying smartphones directly«

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A pandemic affects Apple and iPhone

Apple had already warned in February of the current difficulties and assured that it would not meet its sales targets during the March quarter due to the drop in demand in China, which has spread around the world, and production problems. But this warning from Apple was made before the pandemic spread around the worldThe consequences can therefore be even more serious, and that is what Kuo predicts.

« We have reduced estimated shipment of iPhone 2Q20 by 30% to 35–37 million units due to negative impacts of COVID-19«

iPhone 12

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As we can see, it’s not good news for Apple that Kuo is revealing, but it’s alsoThe crisis could also delay the next versions.. Apple has completely focused on launching the iPhone 12 by postponing other devices, such as the new iPad Pro or iPhone SE Plus, and no one still guarantees that we will be able to see the new iPhone 12 in September.

Anyway, Apple to Release Fourth Quarter Results on April 30, it is therefore at this stage that we will be able to confirm these data. Additionally, Tim Cook will surely reveal the company’s plans in the coming months and, perhaps, more information about WWDC 2020 will be available online.

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Source: Techradar