Playing sports by listening to your favorite music, the radio or a podcast is the most normal thing, or using specific apps to exercise. But it is not recommended to do this with the iPhone in hand or in a pocket because it could easily fall off. For this reason, there is a type of blanket designed exclusively for sports, and here you have the best options.

Although most cases for sports are universal, some are only compatible with devices of a certain size. Here is a list with The 5 best sports case options for your iPhonewhatever device you have, you will find the perfect one for you.

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VGUARD sports armband

One of the top picks from the list, with a classic design that adapts to any type of device. It is compatible with all iPhone models from the 4.7-inch iPhone SE to the 6.5-inch iPhone 11 Pro Max. This allows us to use the device despite its protection, a highly recommended running case created with flexible and waterproof materials such as neoprene.

Sports Brassard AR-Gun

This is an option very similar to the previous one, but in which two covers are included for sport. It is compatible with smartphones up to 6.8 inches and is made of strong neoprene to fit any user. It also has a small pocket to store keys.

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Bovon 360 ° sports armband

A different option designed to be able to place the iPhone anywhere position because we can rotate it up to 360 degrees. The iPhone is not in a case, so we will have full access to the screen and the volume control and lock buttons. It is made of high quality materials such as breathable lycra and neoprene.

HAISSKY running armband

An option that stands out for its successful design. Support devices up to 6.7 inch, so all iPhone models are supported. It is waterproof and has a back pocket in which we can keep a card, keys or money.

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Bracelet MIJOBS 360 °

Another option that will allow us place the iPhone in the position that works best for us at all times. It’s a very comfortable case, putting on and taking off the iPhone will only be a matter of seconds. It is compatible with most iPhones except the larger Max models.

Source : Techradar