If you are thinking of changing your mobile and you want it to be an iPhone but your budget is tight, the previous year’s models are a good alternative, especially iPhone XR at this price: 569 euros costs in Aliexpress Plaza from Spain and with a two-year official guarantee.

Buy iPhone XR at the best price

Right now the official price of the 64GB iPhone XR is 709 euros and although we have seen it for about 600 euros at times like Black Friday, it is difficult to find it below that barrier with shipping from Spain. In Aliexpress Plaza if we use the ALIAHORRA70 coupon it will be 569 euros.

After analyzing the iPhone XR, what we liked the most was its performance and the results of its camera, despite mounting a single lens. Remember that it shares the design and processor of the iPhone XS, Apple’s flagship of 2018.

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iPhone XR 64GB with two years warranty and shipping from Spain for 569 euros in Aliexpres Plaza with this coupon