When we are presented with the moment to choose between two products, we begin to question the pros and cons of each one, until we make the decision to buy one of the two. And this is the case of the iPod Touch and the iPad 3, while one of them has the A8 chip of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the other could be a viable option thanks to the option to shop online and read books. However, although both are products of the same brand –Apple– each of them was designed to meet certain user needsTherefore, we will tell you which of them is the best option based on their functions and benefits:

iPod Touch versus iPad Mini 3, which one is right for you?

At first glance, if we make a comparison between the two devices, we will fall into a circle of misguided criticism, because both the iPod Touch and the iPad 3 are devices that can be adapted thanks to their size, and when carrying out an in-depth analysis of their differences. The first thing we think about is the size of each one. While the iPod is small, the iPad can be as large as 7 inches and up. Which makes the iPad more comfortable – and less conspicuous – when it comes to taking it with you. But we have barely begun to analyze the characteristics of both devices.

The iPad 3 has come out in a new mini version – which makes it more versatile – but it doesn’t have the same functions as the conventional iPad. One of the flaws is that it can’t run iOS when it comes to splitting the screen, its processor is A7 –latest generation– and M7 (a motion co-processor) and it’s much thicker than the previous iPad. While the iPod Touch has an A8 processor with M8 (a motion co-processor), 8 megapixel camera and is as thin as the iPad 2 Air.

So when choosing some of the devices for their capabilities, we could say that the iPod Touch is winning. But in addition to the functions, the price is a point to take into account. The iPod Touch costs around $199 for 16 GB up to $399 for 128 GB. Instead the iPad 3 mini is around $399 for the 16GB version and $729 for the 128GB model. Despite the figures speak for themselves, the truth is that each one has similar and different functions, and these differences must be taken into account when deciding which devices you really need. If you are a lover of small devices that are not heavy and difficult to carry around, choose to buy the iPod Touch, but if you like to make purchases online or read PDF books, the best is the iPad 3 Mini -which, due to its size, allows that you can read a book or a document comfortably.