Surely you have heard of Roomba and its iRobot, the intelligent “machine” that leaves the floors of our house as if it were a whistle and all autonomously without us having to intervene in the process, but although it is the best-known product, it is not the only one.

And it is that the American company Roomba wants to continue expanding the market with its innovative products and in this way puts on the floor, never better said, a new “robot” destined to clean our home with the name of iRobot Braava Jet Mopping trying to reach a good number of homes.

When talking about the iRobot Braava Jet Mopping Robot, we are referring to a _gadget_ intended for cleaning floors by means of use of a water spray system that offers three cleaning modes and all in a set that has quite contained dimensions of 17 centimeters long by 8 centimeters high and 17 centimeters wide.

  • Wet cleaning: look for deep cleaning to remove dirt and stains on floors.
  • Wet Sweep – performs double passes while cleaning hardwood, tile and stone floors
  • Dry sweeping: by means of a single pass it collects dirt, dust and animal hair.

Advantages and possibilities

The advantage offered by the iRobot Braava Jet Mopping is that, unlike other products, it uses the necessary sensors to carry out the tasks in the lower part, which has allowed the use of fewer parts and therefore lower the price compared to the competitionsince it does not require communication with a base such as the Northstar Navigation Cube.

The iRobot Braava uses three types of cleaning pads single-use that, in addition, are managed intelligently, since the robot detects the cleaning mode and makes use of what is necessary at that moment, the main problem that can be found being that with its dimensions it can be complicated to use in small spaces such as bathrooms, especially in small apartments and houses.

The new _gadget_ mounts a tank of about 150 milliliters of capacity to store water that according to the manufacturer It will allow cleaning up to 18 square meters of surface and all this without using any type of detergent or cleaning product.

Price and availability

The iRobot Braava goes on sale today for 199 dollars (which in exchange is about 179 euros) in the United States and Canada and the _pack_ includes different cleaning pads, with supplements and spare parts in boxes of 10 units for 7 dollars (6 euros).