Iron Harvest will soon receive a new mode and story DLC.

KING Art Games Studio announcedwhat attractions it is preparing for RTS fans Iron Harvest. In plans on in the coming weeks there is an update with new content, story DLC, a multiplayer tournament and a time-limited demo.

The game will need such a buff as its popularity leaves much to be desired. Yesterday, at the hottest moment of the day, only 375 people enjoyed Iron Harvest on Steam. The production is also available on Epic Games Store and, so this data does not fully reflect its condition, but the authors have to act anyway if they want to keep the gaming community at a decent level of numbers.

Iron Harvest will soon receive a new mode and story DLC

Update with a new mode

On November 17, a patch will be released that will introduce a new multiplayer mode to the game called Drop Zone. In it, supplies are dropped from the air on the map, and the players’ task is to collect them. This is rewarded with victory points, and the match is won by whoever reaches the specified number first.

During the game, there will often be several drops at the same time, and their capture will take a long time. The gameplay is therefore to focus on defending the supplies delivered to the battlefield and fighting to capture future drop points. In Drop Zone we will be able to play on all maps from the skirmish mode in the game.

Iron Harvest will soon receive a new mode and story DLC

Rusviet Revolution DLC

On December 17, in turn, a paid feature expansion will be released Rusviet Revolution, which we will be able to buy for $ 3.99, or approximately PLN 15. It will be made available for free to people with the Digital Deluxe edition and players who supported Iron Harvest during the Kickstarter fundraiser.

The DLC will focus on the revolution to overthrow Car, and the character of Rasputin will play a key role in the story. The expansion will offer a total of four single player missions.

Iron Harvest will soon receive a new mode and story DLC

Demo and tournament

From November 25 to December 1, a demo will be available, allowing you to test the game for free. It will offer several missions from the campaign, skirmish against artificial intelligence and a multiplayer mode.

The Fall Iron Harvest tournament is also planned. The qualifiers will be held on November 28 and 29 and December 5 and 12, and the final will be played on December 19. Importantly, players using the demo will be able to participate in the competition. Interested parties should go to the official website and register.

Iron Harvest will soon receive a new mode and story DLC

Iron Harvest was released on September 1 this year. The game is available only on PC, but there are also plans to add PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, we will wait for the console releases until next year.

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