Is Infinite Warfare such a bad game?.

Battlefield and its deception

To start talking about Battlefield 1, we have to talk about its trailers that honestly, I have also loved them. They’re great and they put you in the mood of how easy it is to die or take someone’s life.
The months go by and the Gameplays that changed the perspective I had on Battlefield 1 appear…

In the trailer that I have put before we can see how the game will focus on two important factors, the use of machinery after the industrial revolution and how easy it was to lose your life in that disgusting war. So many came out of these trailers, SO MANY comments about how COD had lost and how Battlefield 1 would be the definitive game about the first world war.

Is Infinite Warfare such a bad game?

Now let’s go to the Gameplay and things change. The gameplay disappointed me a lot (even though I was one of those who put #RipCod everywhere). I base myself on several things to say that it is just another Battlefield:
_The planes and tanks of the time did not go as fast and most of them got stuck in the mud and rain of France.
_The battles in what is now Iraq were not a desert comparable to the Sahara. In Iraq, thanks to the many lakes there are, there is considerable vegetation (considering that it is Iraq)
_The rifles in the game look like assault rifles from Battlefield 4. The ones at the time were bolt-action.
_A machine gun of the time could not be carried everywhere. It was supported by a tripod since the recoil did not allow it to be carried by hand (not to mention the weight of a weapon of that size).
_The first world war is not about capturing points A, B, C or D or killing the other team. It’s about how the desperation of living in a trench dying of hunger and cold forced you to get out getting a direct death.

Also, the campaign will only consist of 6 missions and it seems like a total waste to me.

Is Infinite Warfare such a bad game?

Real World War I games

To talk about video games and this world massacre I have two great examples: Valiant Herts and Verdun.
And they will tell me, “Valiant Hearts is an absurd puzzle game” and yes but no. Valiant Hearts is a work of art from Ubisoft using what they do best, setting. Ubisoft is the king of setting as we can see in the Assassins Creed and Rayman Legends saga. With the setting and a basic but interesting story, they create a game that for me could be considered “the best of the first world war”. I showed you to your face with as many details as this IS NOT A GAME.

The other example is Verdun but since I haven’t played this game I can’t give an exact review. I will only say that it manages to keep you tense in your trench waiting to kill the first fool who passes by your side.

Is Infinite Warfare such a bad game?

money and reserves

Let’s get into the vibe. Everybody wants Activision’s head and Call of Duty is sinking. What do you decide to do? Well, clearly a pass.

They take a game proclaimed as the master of the saga that is Modern Warfare and they make a remake that all nostalgic people like me will love, they take the dead zombie saga in Black Ops 3 and decide to make a new map (for my taste an insult to game mode but there are those who like it), they take the Terminal map where we have spent so many hours playing and remastered them and finally, a Season Pack which is not what I like the most but seeing the type of DLCs they do and the marketing they do, it will always do.

Is Infinite Warfare such a bad game?

Let’s go with Battlefield, what will it give us by reserving it?…

Yes, it gives us one more figure, the metal box and some collectibles that will collect dust on the shelf.

But the final question: Is IW that bad?

In my opinion, Infinite Warfare is an exact copy of Black Ops 3 and I don’t think it deserves us. The only thing that I think is acceptable is the campaign that it promises with its trailer (be careful, it can be a hoax like the Battlefield trailers) although I don’t have anything of Hype for the destructive campaign that the community has made (counting myself)
I hope the campaign is really good…

Is Infinite Warfare such a bad game?

And finally I have to say that it hurts me a lot that it is worth €120 or €150 but Modern Warfare Remastered is worth it. It’s not just that it brings us the campaign of our dreams, but some details that give the game a very good touch.

In short, buy the game you want but in my opinion, Battlefield 1 is the same with new graphics and Call of Duty has insisted that we buy what we like and if so, let’s try Infinite Warfare and see with our eyes if it was a or not