Is it worth watching the Russian film «Tanks»? Guess.

Is it worth watching the Russian film «Tanks»? Guess

The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation is an amazing state organization that does strange things. For example, together with the Film Foundation, it spends huge sums of money supporting domestic movies and TV series of dubious quality, or moves major world film premieres to Russia “for the benefit of Russian cinema.” In short, it’s almost like Roskomnadzor.

It is rumored that Vladimir Medinsky will leave his post as Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation in the near future, and perhaps the situation of our cinema will begin to change for the better.

Is it worth watching the Russian film «Tanks»?  Guess

Meanwhile, ordinary spectators have to put up with several controversial decisions by the Ministry of Culture. For example, one of the biggest blockbusters of the year, “Avengers: Infinity War” has been delayed by a week. And all for the sake of, a new Russian-made film, Tanks.

You won’t believe it, but it’s also a comic book movie. We have already seen it, and we tell you if it is worth going to see it during the May holidays.

Is it worth watching the Russian film «Tanks»?  Guess

“Tanks” had every chance of becoming a modern example of military-historical cinema.

Director Kim Druzhinin had already had an excellent experience with his “28 Panfilovites,” the story promised an interesting adventure show, and the title itself suggested “something patriotic for May 9.”

Is it worth watching the Russian film «Tanks»?  Guess

A film about the first series of prototypes of the T-34 could have been an interesting excursion through history, telling the story of the creator and chief designer of the tank, Mikhail Koshkin, and demonstrating the capabilities and advantages of the famous machine.

Options abound, but the film’s screenwriter Andrei Nazarov took the path of least resistance.

Is it worth watching the Russian film «Tanks»?  Guess

The script turned out to be strange, which raised doubts for the filmmakers. A dash of Mad Max, a bit of a love line, German “cranberry” sauce, the occasional wry humor, and even a plot twist.

We have a ridiculous comic with a sweetly delicious road-movie sauce.

Movie quote: Slowly. 200 a day. There are no adventures.

Is it worth watching the Russian film «Tanks»?  Guess

For example, famous tanks appear all the time, but we do not learn any interesting technical features about them. The action with them fades and makes no sense.

The actors don’t “get it” either. Yes, Andrei Merzlikin does an excellent job as a “fan of his work.” In principle, he is not used to riding an iron horse somewhere and facing bandits. Everything is convincing, but there is no decent tandem for him in the film.

Seeing the character of Anton Filipenko, you immediately rememberThe film is a great success, but it is not the only thing that you cannot do. You look into the amazed eyes of the NKVD lieutenant and see Stas. You are Cosmos, of course, but that’s not what this movie is about.

Is it worth watching the Russian film «Tanks»?  Guess

The rest of the characters did not come out anything memorable. They are all NPCs.

As a result, the viewer gets a cheeky cartoon based on an important historical event. Dynamic, comical and, at times, absurd and even idiotic.

Movie quote: They decided to make a career?

I will only highlight the decent camera work.

Is it worth watching the Russian film «Tanks»?  Guess

Cameraman Dmitry Trifonov does not shy away from moving between the characters, his camera is lively and allows you to be almost a direct participant in the events that take place. Also, the beauty of Russian nature is filmed very lovingly.

You can think of Tanks as a genre experiment. But why? You have to remember that the film will be seen by young people, who may perceive what they see as real historical events.

In the end, we got a muddled war movie that isn’t about war and has a goofy Hollywood comic style. Instead of tanks, the movie could have had any other team. Nothing would have changed.

Is it worth watching the Russian film «Tanks»?  Guess

I wouldn’t be surprised if there was more authenticity in The Avengers.

PS Maybe Alexei Sidorov, author of Brigade and Shadow Combat, will do better. According to the trailer, his “T-34” looks more like a decent movie about a legendary tank.

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