Can Sony afford not to attend E3 the year the PS5 launched? That’s the question everyone is asking after the Japanese company announced their absence from the Los Angeles event.

Over the years, E3 has certainly lost its advantage (also, but not only, for the potential of streaming) but remains at the heart of the annual program of video game publishers. In addition, the “physical” E3 will lose its centrality (Electronic Arts has been doing its EA Play for years) but as a “virtual” event, as a time window, there is still a moment much awaited by fans. Millions of views on YouTube, trending on Twitter and Facebook: E3 remains the hub of the game of the year.

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In short, is the PS5 really stronger than the E3 to the point of being able to skip the event without taking any hits?

Already in 2013, Sony decided not to present the PlayStation 4 at E3, but did so a few months earlier, at a specific event. At E3 2013, however, the Japanese automaker visited to show off the titles that would make up the console’s launch catalog under the name Killzone: Shadow Fall and Knack.

Sony’s official motivation speaks of a failure to share the “E3 2020 vision” for Sony marketing purposes. According to the company, the Los Angeles event is not the right place to bring the PS5 or, more generally, to talk about its video games. Or maybe there are arguments behind the scenes with E3, the organizer of E3, to justify Sony’s decision? Is this what society is talking about when it talks about the “vision” of the fair?

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The main rival (Xbox Series X) will rather be there and how, and the Redmond company is preparing the charge given the absence of Sony. After seeing the logos and the front of the console, knowing the name and seeing the first Hellblade 2 video, we can be sure Microsoft will have a flawless presentation. Also because losing such an opportunity would be crazy.

Xbox number one Phil Spencer obviously wasted no time and a few hours after Sony’s announcement stressed that “our team is working hard for E3” and that “2020 will be a milestone. travel”. from the Xbox team. “In short: Microsoft will be there and, a few months after the arrival of the Xbox Series X, is preparing its shots.

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Sony has decided to leave the rival completely free. Why we can only speculate: Were you afraid of a one-on-one conference with Microsoft? Not sure what the content of PlayStation 5 is? Aren’t the games ready enough to premiere at E3 2020? The event, according to Sony, does not give an appropriate media response? Are there any conditions for staying at E3 that we don’t know about that were strict at Sony now?

Either way, not being at E3 wastes a huge storefront space. And then it’s strange that Sony doesn’t want to be there at all, almost as if it wants to deny the relevance of E3 and its centrality even in the eyes of fans.

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Certainly, the PS5 presentation event, as well as the other “hundreds of general public events in the world” in which the company wishes to participate, will arouse the interest of journalists and enthusiasts. At CES 2020 in Las Vegas, Sony announced the logo and no one missed what happened.

The PlayStation brand is very strong today, perhaps, more than in the past. But are we really sure Sony can afford not to be at E3 the year the PS5 launches and Microsoft will be focusing everything on the new Xbox?

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