Players often have quite an overactive imagination. There is no shortage of conspiracy theories in Overwatch itself. Recently, there has been an idea that Torbjorn may not be human, moreover, he may be an omnic…

Is Torbjorn human?

Sounds ridiculous at first glance, I know, but it doesn’t make any sense. The author of the theory is neon_squish in case you know who to take it out on. Let’s start with a reminder of who Torbjorn is. Of course, the short, bearded, cuddly Swede has a strange hand and loves everyone around him, especially his turrets, but what if (almost) all his behavior is programmed? A few facts to warm you up.

Superhuman abilities

Have you ever met a man who can drink molten metal and not die? I hope not. No human being, nay, no living being, can do that. And who can do it? We have omnic robots. Of course, these are supposed to be robots of the future, not those created today.

Strange tastes

Further, his strange reactions related to machines in general arouse interest. First, his love, maybe even his addiction to robots. Important note – every omnic is a robot, but not every robot is an omnic, because omnics are more human-like and have emotions, and a robot is simply a device. Here Torbjorn’s turrets, or his “little ones”. Only it’s not the same thing when you call a dog your baby. It’s stronger. Something like a mother and child relationship, here we have a father and child. Imagine someone saying lovingly, “My baby!”. Can you imagine a Swede midget shouting that to his turrets? I don’t think so. You think of a mother whose child is in danger. Is that the point, are the turrets his creations? Or his children, love, relatives?

If you hesitate, answer the question. Do you have an album full of photos of your microwave oven? Of course not (otherwise you need help). Do you know someone who has a photo album of their family? Husband, wife, children, grandma, grandpa, etc. Most people, why not Torbjron? You know he has a human wife.

Hatred of neighbors

Finally, the most obvious proof that Torbjorn is an omnic. Hates other omnics. This is one of the most important factors shaping his character. He treats omnics as if he suffers from something like “omnicophobia”. Comparable to the homophobia we know. Research shows that people with homophobic attitudes are more likely to be homosexual. This may be because they cannot come to terms with who they really are. Same with Torbjorn. It’s possible that his attitude towards omnics stems from his disliking of who he is.


  • Torbjorn is an omnic
  • There is no doubt about it

I’m counting on your sense of humor on this sad Monday evening.