The flash drives They provide more and more storage space, and speeds capable of exceeding 100 MB / s. However, the SSD or Solid state drive they are even faster, its size is somewhat larger than that of a pendrive. The Colorful company increases its product catalog with an SSD the size of a flash drive.

The company reported the release of the device to the market SL500 Mini SATA SSD. Among its features it has SATAconsidered one of the fastest in terms of read 500MB/s, and write (480MB/s) is concerned, so this protocol is expected to be sufficient.

An SSD with the size equivalent to a flash drive.

The new version of SATA SL500 It only occupies 26% of the space of conventional drives, its size of 68 x 26 x 7 mm, equivalent to a flash drive, manages to store a complete SATA connector, for power and data, with an average weight of 2 grams. Managing to integrate the controller and NAND memories in a single module. Its trade name is SATA Disk in Package.

It costs the same as a flash drive

The price/benefit ratio is one of the best in the current market, around 60 dollars. It also offers a 250 GB version, which reaches write speeds of 450 MB/s, its price is lower, about 40 dollars. If we compare it with the prices of a 256 GB flash drive, located around 40 euros, it is much cheaper, in addition to having triple the speed.

On the other hand, we will be sure not to lose the data stored in the unit even if the connector suffers any type of physical damage. So if you need a pen drive with great speed, your best option is to buy one of these new SSDs that, in addition to being fast, are completely practical when carrying.

Advantages of an SSD

  • High speedread and write data.
  • silent, It has no mechanical functions.
  • Efficient at the time of energy saving.
  • Maximum speedcharging for apps.
  • does not overheat ability to adapt to outside heat.
  • It supports a wide variety of interfaces.
  • Compatible with multiple data management technologies.
  • More reliable and stablethan hard drives.

The disadvantages

  • higher cost per GBstorage.
  • mhuge lifespanthan the HDD.
  • currently uses the flash memory technologytherefore it uses NAND.