“Apple pilots Intel for its range of laptops”, the first page of an article published in SemiAccurate no less than in May 2011. The first reference to a Mac with ARM that we found. According to this article, Apple decided to change its processors from different Macs to its own ARM at the time. The idea would be to keep Intel on the desktop and switch to an ARM processor on their Mac laptops. A change that the publication expected for 2013.

As we know, none of this happened. At least on the dates where the article speaks.

Mac laptops with ARM leaked in 2011 with a 2013 release date

They have reached SemiAccurate that Apple will open the door for Intel, at least when it comes to laptops. It won’t be soon but [las fuentes] they tell us it’s a fact.

Author Charlie Demerjian paints this way the beginning of the end of the relationship between Apple and Intel. It should be borne in mind that in 2011 Apple had already presented the original iPad, which released a processor designed at home: the A4. The same chip that would build the iPhone 4 that summer and which, a year later, would receive its first successor under the name of A5.

At the time, it was clear that Apple was doing something important. Something that would mark the fate of the company, out of the ordinary. And that he was not going to adapt to irregular or prolonged development cycles. An initiative has been launched to deliver new versions of silicon at an annual rate.

More details are given in the article. no 32 bit to 64 bit approx, the conflict between NVIDIA and Apple or the appearance of chipmakers designed by those of Cupertino, such as TSMC, Global Foundries and Samsung. However, it fails to predict Mac business models with ARM for 2013.

Of course, this article ignores the many previous steps that are required before taking such action. Among them, prepare the software and adapt it to the new architecture. Focusing on the hardware, we can assume that the information in fact refers to equipment still under internal testing, scheduled for 2013. It is much more feasible that, if the sources are correct, Apple’s plans would have started. turn first. in hardware prototypes to work on new software.

We’ll have to wait until June 22 to find out more about Apple’s plans. WWDC is Bloomberg’s time to unveil the future of the Mac.

Source: Appleinsider

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