Less and less is missing and today all the games that the new one will include were finally published Mega Drive Mini, the retro console that comes to relive all the glory of 16-bit SEGA. After the success of the NES Mini and SNES Mini, SEGA wanted to take the reins of this project to pay a worthy tribute to one of the most important consoles in history.

Thus, more than a year after its announcement, and a series of delays due to the change in emulation technology and the incorporation of the original SEGA equipment that gave life to the original Mega Drive in 1989/1990, we already have each and every detail of the Mega Drive Mini.

42 authentic games!

When we heard about the launch of this Mega Drive Mini, SEGA confirmed that it would arrive with 40 pre-installed games and, obviously, without the possibility of installing new ones. Thus exceeding, and by far, the offer of the SNES Mini and its 21 games.

But SEGA had a surprise in store for us, since it won’t be 40, but 42 great games that will give us a blow of nostalgia. But the most attractive of all, is that these two additional games will be titles that were not originally released for the Mega Drive, but for some reason in the end it was decided that they would not go on sale.

These two additional sets are ‘Darius’, the classic shoot’em up in an exclusive version for Mega Drive. Y ‘Tetris’ the mythical game that has triumphed on any console where it appears and that we can finally have exclusively for the retro SEGA console.

The list of 42 sets It is as follows:

  • ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’
  • ‘Ecco the Dolphin’
  • Castlevania: The New Generation
  • ‘Space Harrier 2’
  • ‘Shining Force’
  • ‘Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine ‘
  • ‘ToeJam & Earl’
  • ‘Comix Zone’
  • ‘Altered Beast’
  • ‘Gunstar Heroes’
  • ‘Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse’
  • ‘World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck’
  • ‘Thunder Force III’
  • ‘Super Fantasy Zone’
  • ‘Shinobi III’
  • ‘Streets of Rage 2’
  • ‘Earthworm Jim’
  • ‘Sonic The Hedgehog 2’
  • ‘Probotector’
  • ‘Landstalker’
  • ‘Mega Man: The Wily Wars’
  • ‘Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition’
  • ‘Ghouls’ n Ghosts’
  • ‘Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle’
  • ‘Story of Thor’
  • ‘Golden Ax’
  • Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium
  • ‘Sonic The Hedgehog Spinball’
  • ‘Vectorman’
  • ‘Wonder Boy in Monster World’
  • ‘Tetris’
  • ‘Darius’
  • ‘Road Rash II’
  • ‘Strider’
  • ‘Virtua Fighter 2’
  • ‘Alisia Dragoon’
  • ‘Kid Chameleon’
  • ‘Monster World IV’
  • ‘Eternal Champions’
  • ‘Columns’
  • ‘Dynamite Headdy’
  • ‘Light Crusader’
  • its 42 classic games and ALL the details of SEGA’s legendary retro console

    All the games will allow you to save games and there will be a function to show them at 60Hz, although it can also be configured to show their classic look. As for the interface, it will refer to the original boxes of the games under themes of the 1990s.

    ‘Mega Drive Tower Mini’, the surprise for Japan

    Along with the confirmation of the complete list of the 42 games that will come with the Mega Drive Mini, in Japan it was announced that it will be launched, exclusively for that market, the ‘Mega Drive Tower Mini’, which is nothing more than the attachments that SEGA launched to extend the life of the Mega Drive. Here the ‘Mega CD’ and the Mega Drive 32X stand out.

    The bad news is that they will not work and will not add anything to the console, they will only be aesthetic details to simulate the monster that the Mega Drive ended up becoming. That is, they will be some nice pieces of exclusive plastic and in mini size.

    its 42 classic games and ALL the details of SEGA’s legendary retro console

    This kit will also include the ‘Sonic & Knuckles’ cartridge replica, which was the first title to be released for the Mega Drive 32X. And in the same way it will be only aesthetic and will not provide any additional function to the console.

    The ‘Mega Drive Mini Decoration Kit’, as it will be officially known, will be released the same day of the launch of the Mega Drive Mini, it will be only for Japan and It will cost approximately 32 euros.

    its 42 classic games and ALL the details of SEGA’s legendary retro console

    its 42 classic games and ALL the details of SEGA’s legendary retro console

    What’s included in the Mega Drive Mini

    For the West, both America and Europe, there will only be one version which will include the console, Mega Drive Mini, two classic three-button controllers with a two-meter cable, an HDMI cable and a USB cable for electrical power. Here it should be noted that the version that will be sold in America will also include a USB adapter to connect to any electrical outlet.

    Another point that should be mentioned is that at the moment there is no confirmation that the six-button remote reaches the west, this will remain exclusive to Japan and that will be a problem for those who want to play ‘Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition’ with all the hits available, as well as other titles.

    Also, the controls of the new mini console will be USB, so we will not be able to use the original remotes. Being a USB connection opens the possibility of being able to use them on a computer, but that has not been confirmed so far.

    European and American version

    As with the original console, SEGA will launch the versions that appeared in both America and Europe, that is, in America the SEGA Genesis Mini will arrive and in Europe it will be the SEGA Mega Drive Mini. Both consoles will be exactly the same inside and will include the same games, the differences will only be aesthetic in the design of the console and the controls.

    its 42 classic games and ALL the details of SEGA’s legendary retro console

    its 42 classic games and ALL the details of SEGA’s legendary retro console

    Another point to take into account, and as it happened in the retro Nintendo consoles, the exterior design of the Mega Drive Mini is aesthetic, so the cartridge slot and the volume slider will not be enabled, although it will go up and down. The 3.5 mm jack that allowed us to connect headphones and that came in the original console will not be included either.

    The new Mega Drive Mini will be 55% smaller than the original, so its size will be almost the same as that of a remote control.

    Price and availability of the Mega Drive Mini

    The new SEGA Mega Drive Mini will go on sale on September 19 for a price of 76.99 euros. While the SEGA Genesis will also be released the same day at a price of $ 79.99.

    its 42 classic games and ALL the details of SEGA’s legendary retro console