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Indie games Shadow of the colossus, in which the character travels a small world and searches for bosses, they appear quite frequently. They can be divided into several categories: some use the same idea to find a vulnerability for each monster (as in Souls of Titan), in others the so-called bullet hell prevails, when the opponent drops dozens of projectiles and fills the screen with them (as in Furi) New call ITTA He refers to the second type: it looks like it’s not a new idea, but it’s implemented well.

My family

Daughter Itta wakes up in a dark cave surrounded by corpses: her father and brother were killed, and the killers did not regret the cat. The appearance of the animal is taken by the astral guardian, who offers the heroine to go find the missing mother and does not explain at all what is happening. At the same time, he gives Itte his father’s gun, so he’s going to have to shoot someone.

The young girl leaves the cave and follows the bloody paths, at the same time that she meets minor characters. A long-bearded grandfather, like a wizard with a cane, an eternally busy cartographer, stone golems left to fend for themselves, who built this place and lost the ability to move after finishing the job, everyone says in puzzles. The story comes in the grain, and even these don’t help much to figure it all out. But the universe is intriguing: I don’t want to miss the dialogues, even if sometimes they are even more confusing.

In a few minutes you will meet the first boss, which will not cause much trouble, but will clearly show how the battles play out here. The heroine can shoot from a revolver and roll – she does not and will not have any more abilities (although an opportunity appears, but more on this later), and the enemy moves in the room and pull in all directions. Each boss has three phases, from more or less simple to complex.

A last

At first glance, it seems that ITTA is a hardcore arcade in the spirit of Cupheadwhere you die and try to find the perfect tactic against each opponent. In fact, I only had difficulties with the second boss, with whom there were about ten meetings. Almost everyone died on the second or even the first attempt. When a character has only a few skills and the cracks are registered in any shell, it is possible to tackle any task. The bosses are interesting, the fights with them are colorful and intense, but I had a lot of them with six “lives” and it turned out to be more than necessary.

At first, grandfather did not believe in the ability to heroine.

Particularly easy combat capability, delivered to the second slot. An overload bar has appeared in the left corner of the screen, filling up when enemy projectiles fly near the girl. As soon as the condition is fully met, the heroine begins the transformation and for several seconds becomes invulnerable, causing further damage. In one attempt, the overload cannot accumulate, but in the second it will be safe, and at least a third of the opponent’s health can be shot down. It has greatly simplified many fights, but you can’t voluntarily dismiss an overload, it automatically turns on.

But the fights are always fascinating and don’t last long. It is especially interesting to select the most suitable weapon from the options available while on the move. Here and a shotgun, the precision of the shot to which it is particularly close, and the analogue of a machine gun, and even a grenade, only eight options. It is worth noting that a considerable part of the weapons can be easily lost if you do not study all the corners. But it is not clear why you should first look for a drawing, and then give it to a minor character to get normal weapons – there is not even a coin heroine can save, just an extra step.

Short trip

World in ITTA not that big – there are only three locations divided into interconnected areas. Once you get a card it is impossible to get confused. At the same time, secret areas are not marked on the map, all kinds of barely noticeable passages – there are additional characters there, and books that talk about the formation of this world and the types of it. weapons mentioned above. The main trophy is the opportunity to constantly increase the health stock, of which the player will be deprived if he does not explore the premises.ITTA Game Review

The enemy’s health is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Phases are not divided into phases.

There are 18 bosses in total, and access to some of them is closed until the player defeats three or four opponents in that area. Finally go through ITTA It can be done in about four hours: investigate everything, find everything, and defeat everyone. After that, no additional mode opens, although “speed runner” mode or something similar with a time limit is fine here.

In terms of design, the game is impeccable. Pixel art is simple, yet charming, with liveliness in open spaces and attention to detail. The bosses also look great, but the music doesn’t get boring and it changes depending on the situation.

It’s a shame, with the technical component not everything is so easy: the game crashed several times with an error, and after each step of the next door the character came back for some reason. and had to repeat the procedure again.

Some enemies can be dealt with without using a roll.


ITTA He can brighten up the night: his mysterious universe is intriguing, he looks cool, and he fights with bosses, even if they don’t make your hair tear your hair out, but they are fascinating. The game only lacks bonus modes that it would make sense to return to after the finale, and the complexity settings wouldn’t hurt; instead of them, there’s a simplified mode where you can activate double damage or immortality. But the desire to use these options almost never manifests itself: the developers overestimated the complexity of their game.

Benefits: intriguing universe; nearly two dozen exciting boss battles; the game rewards exploration with useful bonuses; beautiful pixel art; good music

The inconvenients: many battles are not complex enough; There are not enough additional modes.

Source: The Verge