Jacksonville shooting survivor sues EA.

Giant company Tencent is having a hard time, a grappling hook is coming to Fortnite and SNK is counting down to a new game. Read it in this fresh Night Watch!

Just like yesterday, this is another special edition of the Night Watch, the Daily Pugle – based on the famous Spider-Man newspaper called the Daily Bugle. After all, Spider-Man is available from Friday!

Tencent is doing well. For example, the Chinese company publishes PUBG and Fortnite in China and has also launched a successful competitor to Steam in that country. But sometimes that’s not enough to get hit in the face anyway.

Jacksonville shooting survivor sues EA

The Chinese government is looking into how it can ensure that children are no longer just gaming in large numbers. The Minister of Education has recently published his recommendations. He believes that fewer online games should be released in the country. Shareholders were shocked by this and that did not do the price value of Tencent well: it fell by 20 billion dollars in one fell swoop. Good morning!

It is one of the reasons Tencent lost $ 160 billion this year. On the other hand, the company says that profits were up 25 percent in the first half of 2018, so it seems likely that Tencent will be back on his feet. Still, the company must have been feeling worried: it is no longer the largest company in Asia, for example. That role is now reserved for rival Alibaba Group.

Jacksonville shooting survivor sues EA

At PAX West, Telltale Games showed the first images of the second episode of the final season of The Walking Dead, called ‘Suffer the Children’. The video shows Clementine waking up and having a bad nightmare, while AJ keeps an eye on things.

The final season started in August and the second episode will be released on September 25. After that there are two more episodes to go and then it is really over.

Jacksonville shooting survivor sues EA

The action in Fortnite is going to get a lot more vertical, because a grappling hook is coming to the game. This is especially for the High Stakes event going live sometime later this week. A grappling hook will be added as a weapon with which players can pull themselves towards buildings.

That will of course (temporarily) change the gameplay of Fortnite considerably, because this way you can jump from one place to another in all kinds of ways and outsmart your opponents. Take a look at what that looks like in action in this video.

Jacksonville shooting survivor sues EA

Publisher SNK will reveal a completely new game in a short blessing day. There is a countdown to a revelation on this website. On the website you can read that ‘a new dawn is beginning’, whatever that may mean.

The reveal will take place a few days before the Tokyo Game Show starts, so there’s a good chance that this still mysterious game will be shown extensively at the fair. In 2015, SNK unveiled the fighting game King of Fighters XIV just before the TGS.

We now know that after the release of Spider-Man at the end of this week, three paid expansions will be released for the game this year. Sony has now released a video of the first expansion, The Heist, due out on October 23rd.

Jacksonville shooting survivor sues EA

The character Black Cat, aka Felicia Hardy, plays an important role in this, and she is prominent in the video. In any case, that already looks good! The second dlc is called Turf Wars and will be released in November, while the third expansion is called Silver Lining and will be released in December.

Following the drama set during a Madden NFL 19 tournament in Jacksonville, Florida, where a contestant opened fire on attendees and killed three people, including himself, one of the survivors complains Electronic Arts – the publisher of the game in question – On.

Jacob Mitich was hit twice at the event, but survived. According to him, EA ‘did not provide a safe environment’. He has also announced several other companies, including the Chicago Pizza building where the event will be held. EA made a $ 1 million donation to the victims and next of kin last week after the tragic event.

Jacksonville shooting survivor sues EA

Nowadays it should hardly be a surprise, because a lot of games have it, but Devil May Cry 5 also gets a photo mode. This is evident from a panel held at PAX West this weekend.

In any case, the video below of the panel in question is enough to discover other interesting information. For example, producer Matt Walker says that people who have not played the previous games in the series will have no trouble understanding this new part. There will be more than enough references to the previous parts to satisfy fans from the very beginning.

Devil May Cry 5 will be released on March 8, 2019.

Retro fans are probably already looking forward to Shakedown: Hawaii, the sequel to the super fun Retro City Rampage. Vblank Entertainment has now released a new trailer for the game which you can check out below.

Jacksonville shooting survivor sues EA

SHakedown: Hawaii must once again offer some great open-city action, with all kinds of different environments, including beaches, farms and even the jungle. The game is said to be four times bigger than Retro City Rampage. Visually, the game is also a step up from the original; after all, we are going from an 8-bit style to 16-bit.

The game has yet to be released on Switch, 3DS, PS4, Vita and PC sometime this year.

Jacksonville shooting survivor sues EA