Jetable, create your ephemeral email

I don’t know how we haven’t talked about Jetable in SamaGame before. It can be the solution to those spam problems caused because you have ever needed to register in a service or forum and then it has only served you to make indecent proposals about your sexuality.

With Disposable, you create a fictitious email from the real one and tell it the duration you want for it, from an hour to a month. Imagine that email that you have to give in forums to be able to access certain sections and that it reaches you in a few seconds. The only negative is that you lose the data of that email, although with Gmail you can store it indefinitely, for now.

Once the address has expired, spammers can send things to that email that it is impossible to reach yours. Another thing is that in Jetable they use your real mail to sell it to spammers, which I am not saying they do.

To make the wonder complete, there is an extension for Firefox that reduces the creation of the email to a couple of clicks.

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