Jio has done it again. If I launched JioMeet a few days ago, an almost 100% Zoom clone, now it’s WhatsApp’s turn. JioChat is a messaging app that shamelessly copies the WhatsApp style.

Reliance Jio is India’s largest telephone operator in which Facebook invested $ 5.7 billion a few months ago. The company has its own ecosystem of apps, with JioChat being its messaging app. The latest renewal of JioChat He practically turned it into a WhatsApp clone. We tested it.

Registration for almost all countries except Spain

Just like WhatsApp, it all starts with registering an account, which must be linked to a phone number. Being an app in India and for India, it is appreciated that it allows you to register with phone numbers from many other countries. However, even though the list is very long, Spain is one of the few countries that does not appear. In other words, you cannot register with a Spanish phone number.

After this hurdle, registration is simple and similar to WhatsApp, as you have to enter a code that is sent to you by SMS. The particularity of JioChat is that you can choose, if you wish, your gender by registering. From the settings, as we’ll see later, you can also configure your mood.

WhatsApp design traced

If you know WhatsApp, you know JioChat. This is so because the design is practically traced to the millimeter. The only thing that is a bit misleading is the floating button -and big enough, for some reason- that leads directly to the calls tab.


Another change is that the third tab is not calls, but Chains. JioChat includes channels similar to the way they work on Telegram. You join a topic channel and you will receive news and messages on the topic in question.

The relationship with WhatsApp extends to the entire Jio Chat interface, ** including conversations **. The result is improvable, with some aspects not copied as well as others. The relationship is evident when opening the panel to attach files to a conversation, pinned to that of WhatsApp.

Calls, video calls and meetings

Video calls

What is not lacking in Jio Chat are calls of all kinds. To have Voice calls, video calls and even Zoom-type conferences. The latter can be created directly from the application (in the last tab), and there is no need to install an additional application.

More customization

One thing Jio Chat wins over WhatsApp is personalization. In general, Jio Chat has fewer options than WhatsApp in all sections except one. From the settings you can choose a theme for the application available colors or any other custom. It is not as comprehensive as Telegram themes, but it is more comprehensive than WhatsApp themes, which only have light and dark themes.


You can customize the chat background as well, with some patterns weirdly similar to WhatsApp. On the other hand, in your user profile, you can also choose a state (called What’s up, he h), a state of mind. These moods are emojis with phrases like “talk to me”, “crazy”, “tired”, “boring” or “furious” among others.

The stories, just to see


Jio Chat almost completely copies the WhatsApp camera, although its usage is different. If on WhatsApp you can use the camera to create reports (or stories), here The Stories tab allows you to view content created by other accounts, not for your friends. It is included as a sort of medley with news and publications relevant to the Indian market.

The camera is still present, and it works the same as WhatsApp: it has filters, it allows you to add texts and emojis. The difference is that the end result you have to send to a chat and not fleetingly share in your states.

JioChat: HD video call

JioChat: HD video call

Source : Frandroid