Judgment is the new intellectual property of the Yakuza team, which is already working on a new game in this series, which for now is known only as Shin Yakuza.

After launching in December 2018 in Japan, Judgment is on its way to the West (will arrive on June 25) and despite the enthusiasm that has arisen around the game, there are no plans for sequels.

Who says it is Toshihiro Nagoshi, creator of the Yakuza series and responsible for the creative department at SEGA Japan, who says he has seen references to a sequel that does not exist.

Nagoshi said that when reading about the controversy surrounding the game – actor Pierre Taki was arrested for alleged cocaine use and the game removed from stores, he saw that they were already mentioning Judgment 2 and even Judgment 3, which are not even in development .

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At the moment, explains Nagoshi, SEGA has not yet decided on the future of Judgment and, if the series returns, the character played by Taki will not be present.

However, it ensures that Judgment 2 is not dependent on the controversy.

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