Fans of Factor 5’s Rogue Squad titles must now be solid: According to former bankrupt studio boss Julian Eggebrecht, there were two more rogue squad plans that were never released (via IGN) .

For one thing, it was a compilation featuring Rogue Squadron, Rogue Squadron 2, and Rogue Squadron 3, which was originally slated for the first Xbox. After finishing around 50%, the title had to be cut off due to issues with LucasArts.

Then they focused on working on a launch title for Xbox 360. The game should be Rogue Squadron: X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter is hot and attaches great importance to a multiplayer game.

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Finally, this project was also abandoned. As Eggebrecht says, LucasArts was skeptical and didn’t want to deliver a launch title.

Shuhei Yoshida finally arrived on PlayStation 3 and developed Lair. Eggebrecht on this: “It was just too ambitious for a launch title. It was a pretty big mistake. ”

As soon as the exclusive collaboration with Sony ended, the Wii was dedicated again and the idea for the compilation of the trilogy was taken up. And here you’ve really gone to the brim, fixed some errors in games, revised cameras, and taken care of every possible control method like the Mario Kart steering wheel or the balance board. There were also faster bike races, third-person action sequences, and lightsaber battles that should use MotionPlus.

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Everything was running at 60 frames per second and even today Eggebrecht is proud of what has been accomplished.

“Believe me, if you had seen it on the Wii at 60 FPS by far, that would be by far – and I don’t think it’s exaggerating – the most technically impressive thing you would ever see on the Wii,” he said. .

According to him, the compilation of the trilogy was even finished, but was never released. Eggebrecht thinks that this is partly due to the 2008 financial crisis, but also to the fact that you funded the project yourself in order to get a “bigger piece of the pie” afterwards. In addition, two potential publishers went bankrupt on other projects, while LucasArts had its own financial problems.

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Incidentally, Eggebrecht himself loves the Wii U and would also like to develop a Star Wars game for the console, but currently considers this unlikely – partly due to licensing and partly due to sales figures. from the console.

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