July’s major game releases.

A release in the middle of summer is what most game publishers avoid like the plague. But if you’re the only one who doesn’t have a backlog to fix this month, Wouter has a few more titles that might pique your interest. Just maybe …

Moon Hunters (July 19)

This procedurally generated pixel art RPG seems to have a nice atmosphere thanks to beautiful colors and nice, chill music. On the one hand, it gives the impression of a fairly hardcore title with its non-linear story and the concept that the player determines his reputation based on his personality. But at the same time, according to the developer, it is ‘gamer-family friendly’. * KOTS *

July’s major game releases

4. Pyre (July 25)

This title from Supergiant Games initially reminded me heavily of The Banner Saga, but there is little turn-based about this. The gameplay is more of a high fantasy version of Rocket League, in which you have to throw an orb into a fire pile with a bunch of magical characters. For the rest, the story tells itself in a similar way to the aforementioned The Banner Saga, with a really graphic style that particularly stimulates the senses. At least, mine.

3. Splatoon 2 (July 21)

You know, I actually think Nintendo should stay away from the more violent genres like the shooter and the fighter (with the exception of Smash Bros. then). Splatoon and Arms can be fairly stolen, but I definitely want to give Splatoon 2 a chance. All that squirting looks pretty nice and I assume that part 2, although it seems to be a bit of a case of Destiny 2 in terms of the differences with the first part, it will be a lot more interesting. And yes, this one is on the Switch of course!

July’s major game releases

2. Aven Colony (July 25)

City builders can be highly addictive and if you can also make a futuristic city in it, then you potentially have at least a few hours of my attention. But a lot can go wrong with a game in this genre: from too little progression to a bad interface or a too meager tutorial, this is a tricky game to make in which a small mistake in balance can be disastrous. But hey, maybe Aven Colony has everything under control, like Cities: Skylines for example!

1. Hey! Pikmin (July 28)

Pikmin 3 is one of the few games I’ve played (out) on Wii U, but I really enjoyed it very much. This tactical title, which can be as stressful (pikmin dying) as it is soothing (beautiful, alien miniature world), actually deserved a better-selling platform, but instead of a DX version, we get a Hey! Pikmin on the 3DS. Also nice…?

July’s major game releases

July game releases:

July 7

July’s major game releases

Accel World vs. Sword Art Online (PS4, Vita)

July 11

Hunting Simulator

July’s major game releases

Minecraft: Story Mode – Season 2 (PC, XOne, PS4, Switch)

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age (PS4)

Black the Fall (PC, XOne, PS4)

July’s major game releases

July 19

Moon Hunters (PC, XOne, PS4)

July 20

Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrelle and the Millionaire’s Conspiracy (Android, iOS)

July’s major game releases

21 July

Splatoon 2 (Switch)

July 25

July’s major game releases

Pyre (PC, PS4)

Aven Colony (PC, XOne, PS4)

Don’t Starve Mega Pack (XOne, PS4)

Fortnite (PC, Mac, XOne, PS4)

Fallen Legion (PS4, Vita)

July 28

New Nintendo 2DS XL

Hey! Pikmin (3DS)

July’s major game releases

Miitopia (3DS)

Namco Museum (Switch)

Somewhere in July

Little Nightmares: Secrets of the Maw (PC, XOne, PS4)

July’s major game releases

Mafia 3 – Sign of the Times (PC, XOne, PS4)

The Snack World (3DS)