The Just Cause 4 Comment takes Carl to the beautiful and gigantic island of Solis, where he studies the causal relationship between Rico Rodriguez and the explosions.

How many helium balloons can you hang on a cow? You’ve probably never wondered, but No Cause 4 is sure to change that. In this fourth part, the Swedish developer Avalanche offers more gadgets than ever to sow destruction in a gigantic open world. The end result is a wonderfully relaxing open world game that is not only a technical feat, but also learns from Just Cause 3’s many mistakes.

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At first glance, however, little or nothing seems to have changed. As ‘Dictator Suppression Specialist’ Rico Rodriguez, you’ll use your trusty grappling hook and parachute to move around, while the successful combination of Part 3 also returns. The controls are basically unchanged, as are the animations, making you think you’re playing an expansion pack for Just Cause 3. So Part Four doesn’t leave a stunning first impression.

But after a few hours, it becomes clear that Just Cause 4 isn’t so much a bold innovation, but makes some very clever little tweaks to Just Cause’s already enjoyable model. L2 lets you look over Rico’s shoulder to jump with precision, finally adding weight to the series’ floating combat. By pressing the left joystick you get an overview of all the activities in the area and even offers you suggestions for traveling somewhere. For example, this alone solves the typical open world problem that you have more doubts about the folder between icons than enjoying the world. Just Cause 4’s very careful design choices make it a much more enjoyable experience.

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The best change is the new structure of the game. The world map has received a touch of RTS as you have to take control of the gigantic province of Solis by province by dragging the front line with your men. The system is linear, which initially seems to conflict with Just Cause’s open-world philosophy, but it is by no means limiting. You can still travel freely in provinces that you have not yet liberated. As a result, it never gets in the way of your enjoyment and sense of exploration, while providing a much needed sense of progress. The avalanche so easily gets rid of the futility with which Just Cause 3 struggled so hard.

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By getting new men by causing chaos, you also have a great incentive to create trouble in the world. Again, the design is much better than Just Cause 3. When the latter required annoyingly destroying every little Chaos object in one place to progress, in Just Cause 4 you never have to mess around with each location to sort through them. details. On the contrary, the system is completely free like in Just Cause 2, which makes the destruction casual and fun. Again, Part Four learns a lot from the mistakes of its predecessor.

Destroying the island of Solis is not only helpful for progress, but also a real pleasure due to his impressive physique. Avalanche keeps its promises of an advanced model of physics and here deposits a love letter to destruction. For example, radio towers flicker for a moment when killed, before collapsing into dozens of pieces and collapsing. New functions for your grapple encourage you to take full advantage of physics. Super Boosters from Part 3 are now an optional hitch for your launch hook, and forklifts with helium balloons are never boring. The new extreme weather conditions are superlative. You can see tornadoes roar across the landscape for miles and cars of sand, trees and Rico effortlessly, while sandstorms are so intense you can’t see a thing. Avalanche is rightly proud of the physics of Just Cause 4 and gives you a sandbox of options to play with.

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The team also achieved a worldwide technical performance, because despite this extreme destruction and brilliant physics, the frame rate is extremely stable and there are hardly any issues. Load times are even more impressive. The game takes place within a minute of starting, and respawning lasts about five seconds. This contrasts sharply with the technical disaster of Just Cause 3. In addition, Avalanche also makes a smart design choice by seamlessly integrating related activities around the world. As a result, you’ll hardly ever encounter a loading screen in Just Cause 4, and it’s just a technical step in a world of this size and physics of this quality.

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Just Cause 4 does a lot of good. Minor tweaks make it the most streamlined game in the series to date, while major tweaks eliminate any flaws in Just Cause 3. You have clear goals to achieve, wreaking havoc is another fun, and the game is solid. . The advanced physical and weather effects leave a very deep impression, which doesn’t diminish the feeling of déjà vu compared to previous games in the series. Just Cause 4 is a wonderfully entertaining and relaxing open world game.

Just Cause 4 review tested on PlayStation 4.

Source: IGN