The Just Dance series shows no signs of losing track. After becoming a real global phenomenon thanks to the Wii effect, the saga landed on other platforms, adapting to ever different control systems.

As has happened to other members of the genre before, the Ubisoft board game is also going through a difficult transition phase. The market is increasingly oriented towards digital subscription services, a detail that makes the annual physical edition more redundant.

Despite this, the developers continue to work to keep their flagship series always fresh, adding new modes and tweaking various elements based on fan feedback. This year’s improvements mainly involve the selection of songs included on the disc, as well as some helpful interventions to refine the Just Dance Unlimited service.

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The structure of the game is always the same and tries to distract the player as little as possible, with the intention of immediately throwing them into the fray. Again, it is possible to choose to play in cooperative mode with friends or to challenge each other in search of the highest score.

A great board game should be able to be played by several people simultaneously. From this point of view, Just Dance never disappoints.

To date, the series has reached an enviable level of versatility, which allows you to choose from a large number of control systems. Depending on the platform you choose, you can use PlayStation Move, PlayStation Camera, Kinect or – highly recommended solution – your trusted smartphone.

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The latter option is arguably the best when it comes to immediacy and practicality, as it allows you to play even with a large number of players without necessarily having to dig through drawers for dusty peripherals.

Compared to last year, Ubisoft has chosen to retrace its steps. What, until 2016, looked like a series meant to be turned into a simple subscription app, still holds its two hooks today.

To take advantage of the good programming present in Just Dance 2017, in fact, it is necessary to buy the physical copy of the game, then also to pay the subscription to take advantage of the innumerable musical archives of previous titles. A difficult decision to digest.

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Crazy styling is now a hallmark of the series.

Compared to the past, the new lineup is more balanced, with a decent variety of styles, and with fewer songs inserted just for joking with friends. From a melodic point of view, Just Dance 2017 is able to satisfy a fairly large audience. There’s even Hatsune Miku!

For the rest, we are faced with the usual Just Dance. The aim of the game is to have as much fun as possible by following the complex choreography offered on the screen, trying to reproduce the different stages while increasing the score.

Depending on the selected game mode, you can collaborate with friends to increase the final score or compete to elect the king of the dance floor. The only limit, as always, is dictated by the quality of the company with which the experience is shared.

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Performed with the right friends, Just Dance is always able to run parties in the worst possible way, keeping everyone okay and entertaining both those who choose to get involved and the inevitable stuffing animals.

The presence in the programming of Hatsune Miku will delight fans of Japanese vocaloid.

The only notable new feature of the 2017 edition of Ubisoft is the Dance Machine mode. By selecting it, you will be called upon to recharge the energy of a spaceship stuck on our planet with dance moves.

To help the blocked alien robots, it is therefore necessary to complete the various scales offered by the game, unlocking new ones each time the previous ones are completed. The mode is fun and accompanied by pleasant narrative steps, but it really is too little to justify the purchase of the disc.

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Despite the good work Ubisoft has done, we therefore recommend that you only take Just Dance 2017 if you are a die-hard fan of the series. Otherwise, with a little patience, you can save some money while waiting for the definitive jump to the subscription service.

Source : Reddit