Today the K / YES, the virtual super pop group consisting of Ahri, Kai’Sa, Evelynn, and Akali di League of Legends released the album, ALL OUT, which features five tracks, including the acclaimed, premiered single, “THE BADDEST” and the song “MORE”. Here is the official press release with all the details

ALL OUT was written by rapper and songwriter Bekuh Boom and produced, mixed and mastered by Riot Games composer Sebastien Najand. The album is made up of singles that reflect the different personalities of each member of the group, giving fans a taste of the eclectic style that characterizes K / DA. ALL OUT is now available for free on all popular streaming platforms.

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ALL OUT’s flagship track “MORE,” launched last week and received critical acclaim. The music video already has over 23 million views on YouTube and ranks first in iTunes K-Pop, second in Pop, fourth in International Songs and seventh in America. Artists who collaborated on the song include Madison Beer, SOYEON and MIYEON of the female group K-pop (G) I-DLE and Jaira Burns, who had previously produced POP / STARS, joined by Lexie Liu and Seraphine.

ALL OUT’s premiere single “THE BADDEST” was previously released along with his music video with lyrics. The lineup of artists that produced it includes SOYEON and MIYEON from (G) I-DLE, this time also joined by Bea Miller and Wolftyla. “THE BADDEST” topped No.1 on Billboard’s global digital sales charts during the week of September 12, has been played over 38 million times on Spotify, and has achieved over 27 million views on YouTube since launch.

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ALL OUT song list:

  • “THE BADDEST”, with the collaboration of SOYEON and MIYEON of (G) I-DLE, Bea Miller, and Wolftyla
  • “MORE”, with the collaboration of Madison Beer, SOYEON and MIYEON of (G) I-DLE, Jaira Burns, Lexie Liu and Seraphine
  • “VILLAIN”, with the collaboration of Madison Beer and Kim Petras
  • “DRUM GO DUM” with the collaboration of Aluna, Wolftyla, and Bekuh Boom
  • “I’LL SHOW YOU” with the collaboration of TWICE JIHYO members, NAYEON, SANA, and CHAEYOUNG, Bekuh Boom and Annika Wells

Inspired by K-pop, K / DA have evolved to embrace more international pop sounds, creating a musical identity based on the members of the group, Ahri, Evelynn, Akali and Kai’Sa, instead of the voice of a single artist. The names who worked on ALL OUT did so as collaborators, allowing K / DA to have a broader lineup of highly talented musicians who contributed to their return.

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K / DA became world famous in 2018 and “POP / STARS”, their debut single, reached the top of the iTunes charts (# 1 in K-Pop, and # 2 in Pop) , Billboard (# 1 in the World Digital category) and over 170 million streams. The collaboration with SOYEON and MIYEON of (G) I-DLE, Madison Beer and Jaira Burns has reached 340 million views to date, making K / DA the most successful K-pop group with the most successful debut in YouTube history. .

Listen to ALL OUT on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music and more.

Source : Reddit