If anyone knows my recommendations when choosing games for Android, they will know that the first option I make known to those who ask for help is to give Android games a chance. kairosoft, the most successful mobile resource management game company on the Android scene, with almost a dozen successful games. However, the problem you are facing is that the base in all of them is identical.

Is that necessarily bad? It doesn’t have to, since in each game they mix concepts from previous games with more different airs and trying to get more out of it, although we can’t help but think that they have stagnated in the management mechanics. Fortunately, they prove their worth with each new game they release, and with the disappointment that was World Cruise Story and after the comeback of Mega Mall Story, they have shown they know how to focus with Dungeon Villagehis new Android game.

The management mechanic returns as a kind of enhanced Epic Astro Story, with a practically identical exploration and mission system if it weren’t for the combat missions, and with an improved equipment system. It is no longer just attack and defense, there are also other attributes that determine more aspects of combat. It also includes the classes and levels in the purest Game Dev Story style.

In the game we will manage a town for adventurers, who will defeat monsters to give us money and development points. The money is spent on houses for adventurers who are happy with the town, buildings for adventurers to improve their skills and equipment, funding quests that will increase the town’s popularity and adventurers’ level, and buying gifts for adventurers to improve their abilities. and he considers the possibility of staying permanently in the town.

We will have to improve the town to become a five-star town, which will allow us to have better facilities and more complex missions. For this we will have to meet some requirements, such as having an income level, completing missions or having a number of adventurers living in the town. The research points will later be used to do events to improve the town and the adventurers or to buy shop blueprints.

With everything we can affirm that Kairosoft is still on the right foot in its line of management games, with the most complex game to date and at the same time more complicated to advance, but without ceasing to be entertaining as happened with World Cruise Story, which sinned by not giving a fun challenge, although it was able to maintain. With this game we are waiting for more pending management games, such as Go Edo Town, Manga Creator, the management of a 24-hour store and that of the video game store, which I am eagerly awaiting as an unconditional fan of this company.

Dungeon Village