There Kaspersky research found that in the past two years, almost half of Italian women (49%) who work in the tech sectorone noted reduction of the gender gap in your workplace. The improvement is noticeable, but there is still a long way to go.

Kaspersky research on the gender gap in Italy

From the survey carried out by Kaspersky positive signs have emerged about the progress of gender equality. In fact, 49% of Italian women who work in the tech sector have noticed one reduction of the gender gap in your workplace. Furthermore, 71% said that your opinion is respected from the first day of work and that the variables that had the greatest impact on their hiring did not include gender but only skills and experience. The spread of smart working had an additional positive effect: 45% of Italians say that gender equality has improved within teams that work remotely.

THE emerged data therefore I am encouraging, given the short time frame in which this leap forward was made. It’s a really positive step for the inclusiveness of women in the tech sector but at the same time though, i margins of improvement there are still many. The Kaspersky’s Women in Tech report analyzed the long path to gender equality and despite the global improvement regarding the gender gap, the 31% of Italian women said that the lack of pink shares in the technology industry it doesn’t make them want to approach the sector. Added to this is that the 40% of women claim that the men’s career progresses faster of their.

Gender equality in the world

Kaspersky’s investigation shows how i different countries are progressing to different rhythms. It emerged that in Europe the gender balance has worsened in the last two years. In North America instead there was an improvement thanks to the transition to home working. In Latin America education is driving empowerment among young women in tech. In the’Pacific Asia, women feel less and less threatened and embark on successful careers. To ensure global improvement initiatives are needed aimed at supporting the careers of women in the technology sector. They serve mentoring programs and internships that give access to various opportunities and experiences. Many companies have started to introduce pink shares to ensure a greater presence of women in the technology sector.

There are still many things to do, according to the research. It’s important face the issue of gender stereotypes long before women entered the workforce. Must involve the girls and to encourage their interest in the technology sector since school. Another step forward would be to encourage theelimination of prejudices personal during the hiring process. This could happen removing the identification data from applications, using recruitment committees several instead of individuals and using trained recruiters ad hoc. The Women in Tech report was made by Kaspersky, a company of cyber security founded in 1997which operates globally.