Among the many demos available on Xbox Summer Fest, Kaze and the wild masks It was one of the first games that caught my eye by clearly evoking this era of 16-bit Mega Drive and SNES platforms.

In fact, in one of the promotional images for this artwork from Vox Game Studio, you can see a fictional Kaze cartridge inside a US Super Nintendo, which shows off his favorite moment of a genre that seems have no end in this area. video games. And their demo certainly cheats at first.

Bugs Bunny’s “cousin” is for the “masks” to take

Kaze and the wild masksAs usually happens in this kind of production, it is a game that comes through the eyes thanks to the care of its settings and especially the animations of the protagonist who gives his name to the game in question, Kaze. This rabbit and the multiple enemies (foods of all kinds, from carrots to tomatoes), are very colorful and with a funny design, very typical of that time and that he left such fond memories.

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Our journey begins with a trip to the Crystal Islands to save our friend Hogo from a curse that has wreaked havoc throughout the region. At first glance, it looks like another platform from the 90s and even the movement seems a little rough at first, without the finesse of the classics of the genre. But it is a simple mirage.

The grace of this platform resides, logically, in these “wild masks” which accompany the title of Kaze and which allow him to transform into eagle, shark and others. animals with special ability. It’s not that Kaze can be transformed at any time, but in special sections that give the whole thing a bit of dynamism by varying its behavior a bit.

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For example, being in the water, you can swim in a very basic way and dive a few meters making a small parabola to come back to the surface, while with the shark mask we can dive without problem and make a jump in the water. ‘water. And as an eagle, fly as much as you want, having to control very well the drop of inertia, somewhat capricious like a bird.

Kaze and the Wild Masks va en crescendo


We already say, at first it looks like a bunch of platforms, partly because of its non-existent difficulty, even with classic mode (without so many aids) activated. But little by little we are shown Kaze’s different serial skills, like knocking the ground to the ground, his ability to plan for a few seconds using his ears or grab things and then throw them at enemies. And of course, there comes a time when the matter gets complicated.

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This moment occurs in a certain phase in the dark, with lights that we must activate to block a specific enemy that we cannot kill and that requires us to refine jumps faster. It kind of reminded me of an area of ​​the so-called Pankapu, another platform that also started out extremely innocently until showing its true (and great) potential.

This is where Kaze and the wild masks struck me as the most interesting, because until this moment not even when collecting the letters KAZE (to unlock an illustration at the end of the level), the 100 gems or by completing the two parts of each bonus phase (where to collect more gems or eliminate all enemies in a short time) was difficult to bear. And the good thing is that the demo shows a few more levels until the final fireworks display with a sharp boss.

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Here he draws patience to dodge his spikes and the minions he summons sequentially, with patterns varying until he gets overlooked and leaves his upper part in sight for us to jump on. A jump mechanic with many years of history who is still very efficient. The question is how far the adventure ends when it goes on sale this 2020 on Steam, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One, with a physical edition by SOEDESCO.

Source : Gadgetsnow