Recently , the use of handy massage guns has proven to be more suitable to satisfy our massage needs. Kieslect Lifsty Massage Gun is one of the numerous massaging devices that you can purchase for pocket-friendly prices. Although this massage gun is new to the market and it has numerous interesting features to effortlessly accomplish your massaging task. In terms of design, the manufacturers tried their best in actualizing a professional and stylish design for the Kieslect Lifsty Massage Gun.

Kieslect Lifsty Massage Gun Inside the bag

Kieslect Lifsty Massage Gun | best massaging device of 2021

Kieslect Lifsty Massage Gun adopts the latest noise reduction technology which drastically reduces noise from this device. Even at the maximum speed level, this massage gun will not exceed 60db. Judging by the design, the massage gun from Kieslect Lifsty is very comfortable and easy to use.

Kieslect Lifsty Massage Gun as a portable massaging device sports an in-built large capacity 2400mAh battery that offers up to 3 to 4 hours of continuous usage time. The massage gun has a battery indicator LED that displays the battery life. With the presence of an in-built AI smart chip, users can enjoy an intelligent humanized interactive experience. Kieslect Lifsty Massage Gun having a 2400mAh battery alone has proved its readiness to serve you better.

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There are available twenty (20) different speed adjustment levels. That is to say, Kieslect Lifsty Massage Gun has twenty different speed adjustment levels which can deliver up to 1450 – 2900 percussion per minute. With help of the adjustment level, users get the chance to adjust the speed level of the massage gun to fit their preferred vibration amplitude.

Selling Points:

  1. The presence of AI smart chip
  2. Four different available massage head attachment
  3. Long usage time
  4. Professional and elegant design
  5. Equipped with a strong motor
  6. Double screen LCD for better character display
  7. Suitable for use in different massaging scenarios.

The four (4) available changeable massage head includes a round head which is suitable for hand, back and leg muscle massage, the Y-head which is suitable for massaging the neck, spine, and Achilles, the bullet head which is best for massaging deep tissue like joint, palm, and plantar, while the flat massaging head is obviously for all part of the body.

However, the manufacturers made available four heads for this particular massage gun so as to achieve a smooth massaging session of any part of your body. Any professional or non-professional athlete that knows the value of a massage gun must have or plan to get one of this item.


Why Choose Kieslect Lifsty Massage Gun?

A whole lot of people might be asking why they should make Kieslect Lifsty Massage Gun your preferred choice. As an athlete or trainer, you might be caught up with toiled muscles so you would need a massaging device to do the massage job Asap. This particular massage gun has an excellent grip, professional craftsmanship and it is every raid to fulfill your massage task.

Kieslect Lifsty Massage Gun | best massaging device of 2021

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Kieslect Lifsty Massage Gun | best massaging device of 2021