Developer and publisher Tripwire Interactive is kicking off the Halloween celebrations early with the launch of the Killing Floor 2: Day of the Zed Halloween update. Available now for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, the Xbox One family of devices including the Xbox One X, and PC via Steam or the Epic Games Store, today’s free update to the first-person shooter, co-op action title brings a plethora of creepy new content for players to sink their teeth into, including the new Netherhold map, Wild West London and Abandon All Hope weekly game modes, weapons, cosmetics, and the returning Halloween-themed Zed variants!

To celebrate today’s Day of the Zed update, Killing Floor 2 will be available for purchase on all platforms later in October in various Halloween promotions. Be sure and follow Tripwire on social media for all the latest sales information!

Killing Floor 2: Day of the Zed Update Highlights:

New Featured Community Map: Netherhold

  • This dark and gloomy Killing Floor 2 custom map is oozing with a sinister vibe and style that’s perfect for the spooky season, while featuring plenty of hidden areas and secret rooms. In addition, players can unlock a unique seasonal reward for completing the five new Netherhold objectives.
  • Supported modes: Survival, Weekly and Endless

New weekly game modes

  • Wild West London: This rootin’ tootin’ mode is just for Gunslingers with cowboy hats for EVERYONE. Weapons are limited to revolvers and lever action and everything will look old-fashioned with a special sepia filter designed for this new mode.
  • Abandon All Hope: Take on the ultimate Killing Floor 2 challenge with Maximum Difficulty mode, which is even harder than ‘Hell on Earth’. To make things even more interesting, the Spawn Rate has been pushed to Max, the Spawn Pools of Heavies have been increased significantly, and the health and damage output of enemies has been pushed beyond the “Hell on Earth” levels. Players strong enough to complete Abandon All Hope will be awarded a special Kriss Elite Skin.
  • New weapons

    • Piranha Pistol(s) for Gunslinger / Berserker classes
    • Corrupter Carbine for Field Medic / Sharpshooter classes
    • HRG Disrupter for Gunslinger class
    • HRG Tommy Boom for the Demolition Class

    In Killing Floor 2, players descend into continental Europe, where the outbreak caused by Horzine Biotech’s failed experiment has spread rapidly and gained unstoppable momentum, essentially paralyzing the European Union. Just a month after the events of the original KILLING FLOOR, the specimen clones are everywhere and civilization is in disarray; communications have failed, governments have collapsed, and military forces have been systematically wiped out. The people of Europe know survival and self-preservation all too well and lucky survivors have gone into hiding.

    But not everyone has given up hope… A group of civilians and mercenaries have banded together to fight the outbreak, establishing privately funded operating bases across Europe. After tracking outbreaks of specimen clones, players will descend into zed-laden hot zones and exterminate them.

    Killing Floor 2 has a MSRP of $29.99 and is developed and published by Tripwire Interactive and is being published at retail by Deep Silver and Iceberg Interactive for the Xbox One, Xbox One X, PlayStation 4 Pro, PlayStation 4 and PC.