Killing Floor 2 – game review.

I will never forget the sleepless nights with Left 4 Dead. I was running, hiding, looking for the best tactics, and was actually scared. Years later, I received a copy of Killing Floor 2, which from the very beginning aroused familiar memories. Unfortunately, it was only a pleasant moment of oblivion.

Killing Floor 2 – game review

Tripwire Interactive had an excellent idea. In the maze of online shooters focused on team shooting, running for flags, defending points, or performing complex tasks, the developers decided to offer a completely different gameplay. In Killing Floor 2, our task is simply to survive successive waves of rivals, and in fact, such fun at the beginning is a lot of fun.

Mutants? Ugly things

But let’s start with the basics, because in terms of foundations, the game has a lot to deal with. The studio invented the fictional corporation Horzine Biotech, whose scientists decided to beautify the life of mankind, but their experiment ended in a huge failure. Instead of success, sipping champagne from the breasts of actresses and many pleasures, mutants thirsty for blood of every human were released into the world. What are we doing in this situation? Of course, we prepare a team of almost perfect soldiers and send them to play.

Killing Floor 2 – game review

Does it sound solid? But here there is a problem, because the developers have not done their homework without spending any time studying the experienced competition. The title does not even include a residual campaign, and the whole game is about fighting hordes of enemies.

There are basically three modes in the game – tutorial, struggle with artificial intelligence and competition with other players. This first variant of the game, due to the completely simple gameplay system, is a big misunderstanding for me, so I’ll go straight to PVE competition. Here, a group of up to six adventurers runs into one of the available maps and has to survive four, seven or ten waves and finally defeat the boss. The first meeting with the Zeds – the local monsters – is a real warm-up, but the longer we play, the more you sweat.

Killing Floor 2 – game review

One of the greatest advantages of the game is undoubtedly the presence of monsters – from ordinary zombies, to women with cages on their heads, big fat men puking at rivals, madmen with chainsaws instead of hands, black four-legged creatures, savages with a sword in their paws, or even invisible beasts. . You can choose the color! The opponents really look great and you have to prepare a little different tactic for each one. I will not hide that the best solution is to simply shoot the head, but when there are a bunch of madmen running at us, it’s good to remember a few tricks.

Coming back to the game itself – Tripwire Interactive did not disappoint in terms of the level of difficulty and intensity of competition, because it’s hard to catch your breath here. Between each round, you need to quickly get to a designated point where you can buy ammunition or additional weapons. Usually, there is no time for deeper reflection, so after the first few matches you learn the basics and buy the equipment you need in a second. Later, we shoot, shoot, shoot again and we quickly realize that without a well-coordinated team it is really difficult here. The creators emphasized that the production is intended for cooperation fans, but they could additionally mention the need for almost constant cooperation.

Killing Floor 2 – game review

Huge variety but…. For what?

Although the bands aren’t that big, each member should know their place in the line-up. The creators have prepared ten character classes (berserker, commando, support, paramedic, destructor, arsonist, gunslinger, sharpshooter, survival master, SWAT), which at the beginning differ basically only in the set of starting weapons. Later, by gaining experience points, we receive abilities (on the fifth, tenth, fifteenth, twenty-fifth level) that allow us to better react to events. I am not convinced if such a large number of specialties was needed – I would definitely prefer fewer categories and more specific content of individual soldiers. After the first dozen or so meetings, I realized that the system does not encourage the development of heroes, because basically everything is done automatically. Even a huge set of weapons (pistols, shotguns, rifles, neurobalistic weapons, firearms, electric weapons, melee weapons, machine guns) does not help, because each of the toys is assigned to a designated class, so basically, if you want to develop, for example, a commando, you have to use mostly of a few guns.

The first few meetings are a real feast for the fingers, eyes and senses, because the competition is effective, and running around interesting places adds flavor. The developers have decided to prepare the Prison, Black Forest, Farm, Evacuation Point, Catacombs, Volter Manor, Station, Biotic Lab, Isolation Center, Hostile Territory, Hell’s Domain and Paris Burning – the sites are diverse, look good, but I will not hide that the best the declining capital of France presents itself to me. The destroyed Eiffel Tower looks crazy. The setting is also a big advantage of the production – it may not be the highest class in the genre, but the authors tried to make really bloody clashes. During one wave, we have to deal with dozens of opponents, and their insides can be wallpapered into at least a few rooms – you can believe that in closed locations we have the impression that we are really dealing with walls, because the remains of enemies appear everywhere. The creators have prepared a system that allows mutants to be dismembered, tear out their heads, cut their toes, tear off pieces of bodies and it looks great.

However, a serious problem appears after four or five hours – when we visit all the places and the first excitement has passed. Then fatigue quickly begins to bother you, which does not leave even after a long break. The game is just boring, because how many times can we shoot the same rivals, on the same maps and using the same weapons? The creators were not tempted to add story inserts, they did not stretch the maps and upload various missions, they did not embellish the fun with any flavors that would hold the player at the console.

Killing Floor 2 – game review

The second mode, in which two teams of players face each other, also does not save the fun. In this case, one of the units takes on the role of mutants and must, of course, eliminate people. Even in the situation of running in soldier’s shoes it is not so bad, because we are aware that we are killing “real zombies”, but on the other side of the barricade it is simply nothing.

The basics are not everything. There is no soul here

I believed in the power of cooperative slaughter, I wanted more unforgettable nights, I wanted a chainsaw massacre in the morning, and I got an interesting project without a soul. The creators prepared great opponents, interesting places, but there was no time or willingness to create scenarios. A few additional missions during the game, interesting challenges or just story inserts and we have a lot of fun. This was missing. because the presented gameplay is simply boring. Not on the first, not on the second, but maybe on the tenth duel. As always, friends with whom you can steal horses help, because in terms of cooperation (i.e. cooperation, challenges and joy of killing opponents), the game cannot be faulted.

However, the studio only offers two modes, a boring character development system and a lot of guns. Can such a proposal be liked? Only a few. If you have a harmonious pack and you want to fight hundreds of waves of rivals, take and shoot. Otherwise avoid.

Killing Floor 2 – game review