Kingdom Hearts III has been leaked!.

Live while I’m home alone and building booby traps for burglars, the WeekendWacht reports! Kingdom Hearts III leaked, oh no! Furthermore, a lot of Granblue Fantasy news, No More Heroes 3 and Maucalay Culkin!

Arc System Announces Granblue Fantasy Versus

After Guilty Gear Xrd and Dragon Ball FighterZ, Arc System Works uses its gruesome engine for another fighting game. Granblue Fantasy Versus is based on the eponymous JRPG for smartphones, which is very popular in Japan. Classic fantasy style looks stunning with Arc’s fluid cellshaded animations. Check the images for yourself!

Kingdom Hearts III has been leaked!

The game is scheduled for PS4 and will be released in Japan in 2019. A western release has not yet been announced, but Cygames has plans to make Granblue Fantasy big internationally. Another spinoff from Platinum Games does have a confirmed localization, more about that later. Now first a hot Persona 5 rumor!

More rumors about Persona 5 for Switch

The Guard previously reported on rumors that Persona 5 is coming to the Switch in 2019. Not surprising considering the protagonist Joker a Smash Bros. invitation. Now another rumor has surfaced that seems legitimate.

Kingdom Hearts III has been leaked!

On December 10, an insider appeared on the Japanese game forum 5Channel with the following information. Persona Central writes this:


Kingdom Hearts III has been leaked!

The stage is Mementos

Jack Frost appears on screen with a skill

Kingdom Hearts III has been leaked!

Marketing of P5R (complete version) and P5U (fighting game)

P5R is 2019

P5U is delayed because Arc is busy with the development of a Granblue fighting game

Kingdom Hearts III has been leaked!

So just to be clear: on December 10, someone in Japan reports that Arc has delayed the development of a Persona 5 Ultimate fighting game in order to give the development of a Granblue fighting game priority. That last game was of course not yet revealed, which suggests that the poster really has an insider. He also mentions that P5R (Persona 5 Red?) Is the full game and will get a Switch release. Mementos also appears as an intern in Smash Bros. Ultimate and Jack Frost is a Spirit of Assist Trophy.

Interesting ! But it remains a rumor so don’t forget to take it with a grain of salt.

Kingdom Hearts III street date is broken!

You know that Kingdom Hearts III joke that was delayed to January because Square Enix couldn’t make it to its December release? Well… be careful what you wish for because pictures have appeared of people already holding the boxes! And it is not a hoax because videos have already appeared on YouTube and Facebook with gameplay never shown before! I’m not going to post it here but you can watch it on Resetera if you don’t care about spoilers.

Kingdom Hearts III has been leaked!

Game director Tetsuya Nomura has now responded and calls on everyone not to share the images. His team has been working on damage control since yesterday:

We’re aware that a small portion of Kingdom Hearts III has been circulating online before its official release. We are also aware as to how this has all happened. We’re sorry to see this caused concern amongst our fans who are excited for the release. ”

Nomura also reports that the game will contain an epilogue and a secret video. Presumably, the development team will add these videos to the game later via a patch so that everyone can enjoy them at the same time.

This leak is of course very shitty for Square Enix and hardcore fans who have to be careful not to encounter spoilers on the internet in the coming weeks. Imagine reading on the internet that The Emperor’s New Groove is a surprise world, that Mickey’s Pluto was Xehanort all along and that Sora is finally going to declare his love to Riku. OH ! Me and my big mouth too! Have a look at this new commercial!

Kingdom Hearts III has been leaked!

Check out awesome new footage from Granblue Fantasy: Relink

Granblue Fantasy is hot and Platinum Games has also been working on a spinoff for a while. Granblue Fantasy: Relink is going to be an old-fashioned action-RPG and the new gameplay visuals look gruesome. Check out the reintroduction trailer and then new gameplay.

Suda 51 is working on concept No More Heroes 3, for when Travis Strikes Again becomes a success

Travis Strikes Again is bringing the lightsaber-wielding otaku back to a new Nintendo console. It is a spin-off and therefore not officially the third part of No More Heroes. But creator Suda 51 does have plans for No More Heroes 3!

In an interview with Fandom, the Japanese tells that he is working on a concept for NMH3. Travis Strikes Again is on a smaller scale but will play an important role when the third part gets the green light. Suda 51 even compares the game to The Avengers and hopes to design Thanos-esque opponents for Travis Touchdown. The previous games already had the craziest bosses so consider me interested!

Kingdom Hearts III has been leaked!

Of course nothing is in development yet and Travis Strikes Again must first be well received before he can start on the next game. The game will be released exclusively for Nintendo Switch on January 18.

AVGN plays Home Alone games with Macaulay Culkin

Recently I had the ‘honor’ to choose the craziest Christmas movies for you. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any good Christmas movies. Take Home Alone with everyone’s favorite child actor Macaulay Culkin! I wonder what he’s doing with his life these days… Anyway here’s a new AVGN where he discusses shitty Home Alone games.

Wassum again. Merry Christmas ya filthy animals!