Kirby’s extra epic thread builds on the original. Kirby’s typical powers and evil mode complete the game.

Sander ramp for Kirby’s Extra Epic Thread See you again behind the sewing machine to patch Patch Land again, and thanks to new powers and an extra hard mode, the job is certainly as entertaining as it is on the Wii.

Kirby’s epic thread made it clear in 2011 that developer Good-Feel has a very apt name. According to our own Jasper, the unique art style has even made it “one of the most beautiful video game worlds we’ve been able to live in so far” and although Good-Feel has developed several Yoshi games in a similar style. , Kirby’s Epic Yarn remains a special title. Now, almost eight years later, Good-Feel is bringing Kirby’s extra epic thread to Nintendo 3DS, and it’s not hard to see why this version gets “Extra” in the title.

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The story remains unchanged. Kirby is in trouble with Wizard Yin-Yarn, who tore the Patch Land fabric to shreds. At the same time, Kirby transforms into a fluffy piece of rope and must remake the world with Prince Fluff. The platformer deviates from traditional Kirby games as you can’t die and Kirby’s signature transforming powers have faded into the background. With the unique artistic style, laid-back difficulty, and an apartment you can furnish with a wide range of furniture, Kirby’s Epic Yarn is easy to charm.

What really makes the 3DS version of Kirby’s Epic Yarn “extra” is Ravel’s abilities. It’s six different hats that give Kirby new powers, like a steel wire sword or ropes that turn him into a whirlwind. Skills give you a varied arsenal to defeat enemies and play through levels even faster. For example, the whirlpool makes it easier to get to the upper platforms, and attacks let you smash blocks without throwing an enemy at them. Ravel’s abilities bring back a classic gameplay element from the Kirby games, without compromising the unique style of Epic Yarn.

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However, the hats make Kirby’s Epic Yarn gameplay even simpler than the original, and on their own, they add little for Wii version players. Therefore, adding the evil mode is extremely important. Each level can be played in this mode, in which a little devil is constantly chasing Kirby. Also, you can only get hit five times, otherwise you have to restart the level. With the remaining life points, you save for new furniture for your apartment, which makes it even more important to never be touched. Evil Mode turns the game upside down and offers a whole new experience, even if you already know Kirby’s epic thread.

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Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn Review – Time to End It!

As a bonus, Good-Feel has added two mini-games: Dedede Gogogo and Slash and Bead. In it, you play as King Dedede and Meta Knight collecting iron beads respectively. With a high score, you earn base plates for beads, with which you make figures to be placed in your apartment. The apartment has also been given a bigger role, as you can share your furniture with others via Streetpass. The minigames are a big distraction from the main game, but with only four short levels per minigame and a relatively small amount of unlockable items, the added value wears off relatively quickly.

Kirby’s extra epic thread builds on the original Wii game. Ravel’s abilities make the gameplay more diverse and fit in well with the unique style of the original. The evil mode prevents skill from making the game too simple and provides a great challenge for those who can dream of the game from start to finish. Finally, the mini-games are entertaining even if they lose their shine quite quickly. Kirby’s Extra Epic Thread has a lot to offer, which is why it’s not hard to recommend it once again.

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For Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn review, Sander played on the Nintendo 3DS.

Source : IGN