It’s the last day and you can’t miss this amazing promotion that Amazon is bringing us: music and books completely free for several months. Amazon is a very big company and also has some amazing services, including two Allows you to listen to music without limits and read all the books you want for a small monthly fee. However, you can now take advantage of these services for free for 3 months.

If you want to enjoy Amazon Music Unlimited and Kindle Unlimited for free for 3 and 2 months respectively, you should hurry because only 24 hours left to activate this promotion, will only be available until April 30 magna.

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Subscribe to Music Unlimited for free

Subscribe to Kindle Unlimited for free

Amazon Music Unlimited Features

If you want to listen over 60 million songs without paying anything Now is your chance with Amazon Music Unlimited. However, this amazing offer is for a limited time, as we told you, you only have until the 30th to subscribe and be able to enjoy 3 free months, saving you 29.97 euros.

After 3 months, the price will return to the usual price of 9.99 euros per month, but above all, you can cancel your subscription without any problem or additional costs at any time. You just need to save a reminder on the calendar for one or two days before the end of the 3 months and cancel your subscription free of charge.

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Subscribe to Music Unlimited for free

These are the main functions of Amazon Music Unlimited:

  • To have unlimited access to your favorite songs, more than 60 million songs available.
  • Always on the menu without advertisingIt’s like a paid subscription but free.
  • Listen without connection and with unlimited skips, download your songs and listen to the songs you want.
  • Listen hands-free mode with AlexaPerfect if you have an Echo or Alexa device installed on your device.

Amazon Kindle Unlimited Specifications

Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited is Amazon’s monthly subscription for book lovers, giving you access to over one million titles on a multitude of devices. It doesn’t matter if you use your iPhone, iPad or prefer the experience offered by Amazon’s own Kindle, you can even enter from a computer, you can access the entire collection from anywhere thanks to its application.

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Now you can enjoy Amazon Kindle Unlimited for 60 days for free and read any books you want during those quarantine days. With this promotion you will save 19.98 euros, after two months it will return to its usual price of 9.99 euros per month, although you can cancel the subscription before you have to pay.

Subscribe to Kindle Unlimited for free

Don’t miss this opportunity since the Amazon offer ends tomorrow on April 30th, so you only have 24 hours to activate these offers and get thousands of pounds and millions of songs free for several months. Now is also a good time to subscribe to Amazon Prime and enjoy all of its perks like photo storage, deals, or Twitch Prime.

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Amazon Prime a two types of subscriptions available, a monthly and an annual, here are the prices:

  • Amazon Prime monthly: 3.99 euros per month.
  • Amazon Prime annual: 36 euros per year.

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