Latest Rumors Before WWDC 2022: MacBook Air, AR/VR Headset, iPadOS 16.

Just a few hours, practically, from the start of WWDC 2022 with the Apple keynote, which will take place on June 6 at 7:00 p.m. Spanish peninsular time. The importance of the keynote lies in knowing what issues Apple will decide to officially reveal, some of them would be iOS 16, WatchOS 9, iPadOS 16 or macOS 13. Therefore, among the multiple possibilities of announcements before the great event that WWDC means, there are some rumors with possibilities such as a new MacBook Air, the redesign and update of iPadOS 16, among some other announcements.

What you need to know about WWDC 2022

The Apple event of great magnitude and impact, lasting a whole week starting from the opening speech by the company. It also includes State of the Union, Apple Design Awards, as well as various conferences for developers, both in groups and individually in specialized Apple laboratories. Among other events, here is a bit of the schedule in broad strokes from the keynote:

Latest Rumors Before WWDC 2022: MacBook Air, AR/VR Headset, iPadOS 16
  • Apple Keynote at WWDC: Starts Monday, June 6 at 10 AM PDT. (7 PM Madrid-Spain)
  • State of the Union platform: June 6 at 2 pm PDT.
  • Apple Design Awards: Also June 6 at 5 pm PDT.

This year was a bit more special, as the COVID-19 situation calmed down at least as much as possible to hold a small face-to-face event during WWDC 2022. This would take place in conjunction with the online events where developers were also invited. and members of the press. Everyone will gather in Apple Park to witness the keynote and will be invited to the labs and other events.

The absence of the AR / VR Headset at WWDC 2022

During these days there were a lot of reports about the AR/VR headset. Finally, the long-awaited announcement or glimpse that was rumored to happen during WWDC 2022 seems to have no place at the event. After all the events that served as obstacles for the device, it seems quite likely that the premiere will not happen until 2023, being optimistic. Factors such as what happened this season with the supply chain or the problems with the assembly of the software and hardware evidently further delayed the project.

Latest Rumors Before WWDC 2022: MacBook Air, AR/VR Headset, iPadOS 16

Problems have dogged the project since January, according to Bloomberg, notably overheating. As well as the assembly of all the elements, complicating the union of software and hardware. Especially when trying to integrate the camera.

Until just about 4 weeks ago, The Information also indicated the same factors. The outlet added that thanks to Jony Ive’s decision to make the device much more independent than others, it seems to have been the cause of various problems.

Latest Rumors Before WWDC 2022: MacBook Air, AR/VR Headset, iPadOS 16

The first idea raised by Apple mentioned a station where it worked, reducing the size of the headset, although they depended a lot on the base. Especially when it comes to performance and battery life, this was the main idea, although Ive felt that it was not the best design option to attract consumers.

Ive caused the whole project to become even more complicated in the development that it has had during the last time. Those involved in the device project have been working so that there is a correct correlation between battery and performance. It is also working on not raising the temperature too much.

Latest Rumors Before WWDC 2022: MacBook Air, AR/VR Headset, iPadOS 16

Due to all the aforementioned factors that have delayed the project, Apple does not seem to be prepared to be able to have a look at the headset ready during WWDC 2022. However, this does not exclude that there will be some kind of teaser soon, at least speaking of until now. next year.

MacBook Air, perfectly likely, but not how you imagine

Regarding this issue, the rumors have been strongly divided, diluting the information, even contradicting each other. Even so, chances are that the MacBook Air has enough points to present itself. This has been said for a year now, although it was mostly caused by the repeated situation of the supply chain that Apple has.

Everything indicates that the new MacBook Air will slightly change the flat edges based on those of the 24-inch iMac. Perhaps this would not be the only thing based on the iMac, as reports also believe that the Mac would have a similar range of colors, however this does not seem to happen.

Latest Rumors Before WWDC 2022: MacBook Air, AR/VR Headset, iPadOS 16

Mark Gurman published on his Twitter profile, a few days ago, the latest information on the MacBook Air. According to Bloomberg, they “exaggerated” the range of possible colors that this product will have. Gurman believes that this new device will continue to be available in the same colors as before. Although he points out that the gold would be rather similar to “champagne”, in addition to the fact that the blue color of the new model would be similar to the 24 ′ iMac.

Mark stated that the approximate premiere for this model would be tomorrow during WWDC. Although there is still the possibility that the launch will be postponed, only if the supply chain has such a problem that it is impossible to have it ready by Monday.

iPadOS 16 redesigns and updates multitasking mode

Last but not least, another of the great mentions in recent weeks. Bloomberg reports this week that, apparently, iPadOS 16 will arrive with a totally surprising update for WWDC 2022 this Monday. Bloomberg comments that iPadOS will have improvements and changes to the multitasking mode interface, making all the applications that the user uses, as well as switching between them, much more practical and efficient.

Latest Rumors Before WWDC 2022: MacBook Air, AR/VR Headset, iPadOS 16

This major change will be accompanied by better ways to handle the size of application windows. In addition, now it will be easier to use and work with several apps at the same time. What the company is looking for with all these changes is to focus iPadOS on a system that can offer laptop experiences, at least when it comes to multitasking.