5 games that have gone unnoticed at The Game Awards and that deserve all your attention


5 games that have gone unnoticed at The Game Awards and that deserve all your attention

The Game Awards gala has left many announcements and not all of them have received the deserved impact. We talk about some that you should have on your radar

The Game Awards It is an awards ceremony for the most outstanding titles of the year, but also a perfect showcase to announce new games that will reach us in the coming years. Many small, medium and large studios did not want to miss the video game party organized by Geoff Keighley and it is precisely for that reason. ad accumulation that not all have had the desired impact.

In that sense, in this article we want to talk about 5 games that have gone unnoticed at The Game Awards, but that deserve all your attention. None of them even have a planned release date, but what they have shown us gives more than enough reasons to have them on our radar from now on.

5 games that have gone unnoticed at The Game Awards and that deserve all your attention

Harmonium: The Musical

The musical is not a genre that is widely spread in the world of video games, but Harmonium: The Musical comes to break that drought. The game stars a deaf girl who expresses herself through music, where her words emerge in the form of a song. It looks like a Disney movie and will arrive on Game Pass and Netflix at launch. It does not have a release date.

No Rest for the Wicked

Moon Studios may not be well known by name, but if we tell you that they are responsible for the Ori and the Blind Forest saga, things change. After a few years without hearing anything from them, the Austrian company has now returned with No Rest for the Wicked, something completely different from their previous works. They define it as a “visceral, precision action RPG with a bold new perspective within the genre.” There is also no confirmed release date.

Last Sentinel

At these types of events it is common to see game presentations with spectacular CGI. This is the case of Last Sentinel, which shows ultra-realistic characters in a futuristic Japan with androids. We don’t know when it will arrive or what it will look like in motion, but this first trailer is to at least keep track of it.


If you are a Mass Effect fan, this will interest you. BioWare and Naughty Dog veterans are bringing to life Exodus, a space sci-fi action RPG with ships, alien races, and decisions. Yes, everything is reminiscent of BioWare and, in addition, it has Matthew McConaughey as the protagonist of the adventure. Also undated.

Big Walk

The award for curious proposal goes to Big Walk, the latest from House House, creators of the acclaimed Untitled Goose Game. The game proposes us to explore a world full of puzzles and challenges in the company of friends, essential to overcome obstacles along the way. It will arrive in 2025 and looks like it will host very original ideas.

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