Warning: Spoilers for the last episode of the One Piece anime

On September 17, the last chapter of a confrontation that has made history in anime was finally broadcast: the confrontation between Luffy and Kaido. Over the past few weeks, One Piece fans have gone absolutely crazy watching Luffy’s new transformation, along with totally stunning animation and an exceptional ending.

And, in addition to making history in the anime industry for its epicness, it also made history for the number of episodes: 61 episodes spread over 1 year, 4 months and 23 days. To give you an idea, this fight has lasted longer than high-caliber works like Fullmetal Alchemist, the entire arc of the chuunin exams in Naruto and even longer than Goku’s endless fight against Frieza in Dragon Ball Z.

Until now, the record for the longest fight in anime history was also held by One Piece, but instead of Kaido, Luffy had to face off against Katakurione of the most formidable enemies the Straw Hat has faced and which lasted more than 20 chapters in the anime.

Of course, One Piece wants to postulate itself as one of the most legendary works in history, both in Japan and in the West, since in addition to being the best-selling manga of all time, it is the most successful book saga in history, surpassing a titan like Harry Potter. We don’t know if we will see a fight of this caliber again, but we are sure that over the next few years we will see duels and battles that we will remember forever.

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