With the sixth episode of ‘Ahsoka’ we have discovered that, indeed, Morgan Elsbeth She is not the only one of her clan hanging around. The arrival of the antagonists of the Star Wars series to Peridea was welcomed by three Sisters of the Night, the great mothers Klothow, Aktropau and Lakesis. But where does this unique magical faction of the universe come from?

Although a relatively recent arrival to the canon, This faction has been around for almost thirty years. since the first time they appeared in the expanded universe. Specifically it was in the novel ‘The Courtship of Princess Leia‘ (The Courtship of Princess Leia), by Dave Wolvertonpublished in 1994.

Although that novel currently no longer part of the Canon (after the Disney sweep), it is interesting to know what happens in it because many of the elements were adapted by Dave Filoni for his various series, from ‘The Clone Wars’ to the present ‘Ahsoka’.

The legend of the battle of Dathomir

Specifically, the novel narrates the fall of Zsinj, imperial warlord, the battle of Dathomir (not to be confused with that of the Clone Wars) and ends with the wedding between Han Solo and Leia, who had been given in marriage to another prince. We are in the year 8 after the Battle of Yavin and 4 years after ‘Return of the Jedi’, which would have made this story practically “contemporary” of the Filoniverse.

Star Wars Rancor Facts Dathomir

Without going into too many details, in Luke Skywalker’s search for Jedi remains he stumbles upon the existence of a clan of Force-trained witches: the sisters of the night, led with an iron fist during this time by Gethzerion. In the novel, Zsinj will try to convince the witches to give them Han Solo in exchange for, well, his survival.

To know the origins of the Night Sisters we would have to go back six centuries before, when Jedi Knight Allya is expelled from the Order and exiled to a penal colony on the planet Dathomir. There, she would begin to set up her own matriarchal society by enslaving men. Those who did not accept her fate or rebelled would be food for rancor, the most favored would be chosen to mate with her.

Of course, the fruit of the relationship would have to be a girl. If they were children they would suffer the same fate as adults. In this way, Allya eliminated much of the male population of Dathomir and would begin to train the daughters fathered by his ___ual slaves in the Jedi arts, the Force and magic (magick). This magic is nothing more than an aspect of The Force or, at least, it is related to it.

These would be the original Witches of Dathomir, also called Daughters of Allya, who after generations would disperse throughout the planet, separating into various clans. Despite the separation, their magical arts and moral conduct were established by The book of the law, guide to spells and rules. Although each clan would add their own spells and ethical rules, they all had one rule above all: do not give in to evil.

All the clans followed him except, indeed, the Nightsisters. In reality, more than a clan we could speak of a sect originated by witches from other clans of Dathomir who began to use the dark side of the Force when performing their spells, mainly of illusion. Rejecting notions of good and evil, soon their influence and presence on Dathomir began to grow as these witches began to draw on the dark energies of the planet.

Brothers Night

Together with the Sisters of the night too a male counterpart would emerge, the Brothers of the Night, who would assist the former in case of need since, as remnants of this matriarchal society, they would continue to be servants of the women. While they are the wielders of magic, they are great warriors.

in the canon

In case it is not clear, this origin of the Dathomir Witches is according to the old star wars canon‘Legends’, so we don’t know to what extent the story was like this in the current chronology of the franchise.

The arrival in the canon of the world of Dathomir and the Nightsisters is pwould appear in season 3 of ‘The Clone Wars’, in an episode in which Darth Sidious would order Count Dooku to eliminate Asajj Ventress, one of the great antagonists of the series, upon seeing that the young woman increasingly mastered the dark side of the Force. From there, Filoni would begin to develop this part of the Star Wars universe.

During the Clone Wars, the Nightsisters were massacred with only a few survivors. One of them would be Merrin, one of the antagonists of the video game ‘Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order‘, set in the year 14 before the Battle of Yavin. From here on, it is unknown to us what happened to the rest of the survivors or, likewise, what exactly Peridea has to do with this clan.

However, those we find in Peridea reinforce the theory that we are facing that mythological place like Arthur’s Avalon, since their names (Klothow, Aktropau and Lakesis) They remember those of the three sistersthe personifications of destiny in Greek mythology: Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos.

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