Amazon Luna turns the Amazon Fire TV Stick into a console with all the power of a gaming PC


Amazon Luna turns the Amazon Fire TV Stick into a console with all the power of a gaming PC

Amazon Luna has arrived in Spain. A few weeks ago, Amazon took us all by surprise by launching its streaming gaming platform in our territory. He had been in the United States for more than three years and it seemed like he would never arrive, but he is here.

Last week we told you our opinion of the service in the analysis of Amazon Luna on mobile. It’s a great way to play on our phones, but Luna feels like it belongs on Fire TV Sticks. They are Amazon’s equivalent to Google’s Chromecast and, after playing this week on the cheapest one, we tell you how to turn something like the Fire TV Stick Lite into a console and how it plays on Amazon’s small device.

Amazon Luna on the Fire TV Stick

When we told you our opinion of Luna on mobile, one of the points we addressed was the application. Amazon has not launched an application as such either on the iPhone through the App Store (something logical taking into account Apple’s policies and that Xbox Cloud Computing does not have an app on the iPhone either) or on Google Play on Android phones.

There are a few ways to have an application on Android, but our recommendation is that you generate a webapp. It’s easy, it’s fast, it doesn’t take up storage space, and it works great. However, On Amazon devices we do have an Amazon Luna appso all you have to do is install it… and that’s it.

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To do this, all you have to do is go to the application search engine on the Fire TV Stick or to the apps and games section from the device and download Luna. It is quite visible, but if for whatever reason you can’t find it, use the search engine.

The next thing is to connect a controller. You can use your mobile phone to play, but our recommendation is physical controls rather than digital ones on a touch screen. Amazon Luna has its own controller that, like Stadia’s in its day, connects directly to Amazon’s servers via WiFi.

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However, you can use Bluetooth controls. Amazon talks about PlayStation or Xbox ones, but I have played on the Fire TV with both the Turtle Beach Recon Cloud and… yes, with the Stadia controller via Bluetooth. It has to be used for some reason and the truth is that it is a controller that I love.

But hey, to connect a Bluetooth controller, what you have to do is hold down the house button on the Fire TV Stick controller until a quick actions menu appears. We go to the settings, to the controls section and, there, we add a Bluetooth controller.

Once this is done, and having the Amazon Luna app, it is time to play.

Perfect for turning any TV into a console, although it works better on mobile phones

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Amazon Luna does not propose anything new. We have been playing Game Pass games with Xbox Cloud Computing for years and, basically, it is the concept of Amazon Luna. For a monthly subscription, we can play about 100 games.

Currently, the catalog is not very current and is very incomplete, but hey, that is something that we already told you in our analysis. What I wanted to tell you about this Luna experience on the most basic Fire TV Stick is that it doesn’t take much to play in very good conditions.

In fact, I have taken a TV out of the storage room with many years behind it and the Fire TV Stick is the Lite, which is the cheapest of all those available. With a very good WiFi connection, I have converted that extremely modest on a very, very competent console.

Amazon Luna turns the Amazon Fire TV Stick into a console with all the power of a gaming PC - 7

The catalog is not short, it is varied, but with half-baked sagas and many games from a few years ago

The games move at 1,080p, which is the resolution of the television and, while in the experience with the mobile phone I commented that the resolution was not a problem due to the size of the screen, with everything being clear and without artifacts, on television things change.

We continue to have a good response to both the game and the controlswith a latency that you get used to quickly and loading times that are there, but that are not a problem – in my opinion – taking into account the playing conditions.

However, on a larger screen, even if it has the native resolution of the games I am playing, artifacts are noticeableless sharp edges and some visual defects, especially in shadows, due to image compression.

Does this make you enjoy the video game less? Let’s see, it depends. I normally play on PS5 and Xbox Series respectable.

And in fact, That it works so well on the cheapest Fire TV Stick is very good news because it might not be like that due to the characteristics of the WiFi connection, but everything goes as expected.

Also, something great is that you can jump between your phone and the Fire TV Stick and continue your game directly. That’s one of the best features of the cloud and if you don’t want to invest in hardware, but want to play from time to time, Amazon Luna on the Fire TV Stick is a very good investment.

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